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Importation of goods from china to Nigeria: How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria


Jan 29, 2024
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importation of goods from china to Nigeria

Hello readers we are here to teach you How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria, Before now a lot of people think you can just save up money and venture into inter-nation businesses, however, that assertion is not true, as you need to get a through knowledge about importation of goods from China and how it looks before venturing into the business.

China is probably the biggest market in the world for importation of different kinds of products. Importing from China to Nigeria is a booming business that you need not miss out if you are an importer. But how do you go about importing from China to Nigeria?

How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria

This post will be explaining not just how to import from China but the general importation requirements and procedures in Nigeria.

Truly, Importing goods from China is one of the cheapest and most lucrative businesses you can start and in a few months, start smiling your way to the bank. depending on your marketing and sales prowess.

Importantly, if you want to succeed fast in this business, you must focus on products that are in high demand i.e ‘hot products’. If you can have access to these products, you are half way to making your importation business a success

How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

1. Determining The Type Of Goods To Import from China

You need to start by scouting for the type of goods you want to import. As an importer, you need to import products that will sell quickly and those that will increase your profit margin, some of which are listed below.

i. Electronics appliance and gadget

  • Under this category, you can import a wide variety of products. They include:
  • Tablets and laptops which people can use as an alternative for Computers
  • Memory cards and flash disks for file storage
  • Smartphones and smart watches for communication and accessory purposes

ii. Fashion Accessories

Products that you can import under this category include:

Makeup which women use for beautification purposes

Shoes – You can either import casual or formal shoes which are in high demand in Nigeria.

Sportswear especially football kits which much Nigerian youth uses for training and playing purposes.

Clothing – Here, you can import any clothing be it formal or informal clothing.

Children wear especially those that toddlers and youth wear to look fashionable

iii. Home and Office appliances

This category includes those items that you can find in most homes and offices in Nigeria.

These products include the following:

  • Computer and laptops. The demand for laptops and computers is in high demand in Nigeria especially among business people and in offices.
  • CCTV cameras and their security surveillance systems. If you want to specialize in the security market of importing, then this needs to be your segment
  • From cameras to security software like fingerprint scanners, you can win big by importing these items.
  • Projectors which go in hand with laptops or computers when making presentations during board meetings or in seminars.
  • Safety appliances such as fire extinguishers. These items are important for preventing fire outbreaks and safety of the occupants in offices and houses.
  • Printers and scanners which play as an important accessory in offices.

iv. Automobiles

Items which you can import under this category include:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Tractors and heavy machinery
  • Motorcycles commonly known as “Okada” and tricycles
  • Automobile spare parts.

Other items that you can import from China to Nigeria include:

  • Batteries
  • Agricultural machinery including plowing and harvesting machines
  • Musical instruments which have a niche in the entertainment industry
  • Solar based equipment such as generators or panels which are in use as an alternative source of electricity.

List of Prohibited and Restricted Imports from China to Nigeria

One aspect of your importation that you need to be careful when importing from China to Nigeria is understanding the prohibited and restricted imports regulations.

Here are some goods that you should never import from China to Nigeria.

They include the following:

  • Pork
  • Nuclear industrial waste
  • Alcoholic substances
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • A medicament which falls under the headings of 3003 and 304. You need to confirm which ones are they before importing them
  • Waste pharmaceuticals
  • Corrugated paper and paperboards
  • Used motor vehicles above 15 years from the date of manufacture
  • Bagged cement
  • Certain furniture items
  • Water including mineral water
  • Carpets and certain textile floor covering
  • Used compressors and used fridges and freezers
  • Second-hand clothing

2 Determining A Trusted Merchants/ How To Buy Good From China To Nigeria

Having isolated some of the goods you think can do well and acceptable in the market in Nigeria and decided on the particular one you want to import, the second step is to make a selection of merchants that deals with those goods in China.

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

There are several ways you can order your goods from China to Nigeria.

  • Use Chinese Sourcing Agents
  • · Order Goods Directly from Chinese Factory or Supplier
  • · Use Online Market Places you can make use of some of the China popular merchant websites such as

3. How to pay importing from China to Nigeria

There are several ways you can use to pay for your goods.

  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Alipay
  • Escrow
  • Letter of Credit

Not just to find a merchant, Start negotiation with the merchants to find out whose terms of contract will be most suitable to you. There are some important things you’d have to agree upon apart from the price of the goods. You will have to discuss and agree on method of shipment and mode of payment.

As someone who is new to international trade, buying and importing good from a country as diverse as China can be a bit risky sometimes, it is therefore advisable that you use escrow services where possible for payment to dealers on Chinese sites.

It is advisable You start by buying smaller quantity of product for a particular dealer over time to establish how trust worth he is. Then you increase your order gradually.

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

NOTE: Verified merchants are dealers who have been doing business successfully on the site without any complain. Those are people you want to be patronizing; so before you place order with any dealer, check if he is verified.

Method of shipment is another critical factor to look into and agree upon and don’t forget that the type of shipment you use can greatly influence the final price of your goods. But should be the least of your concern since are not the cosigner. The method is the dealer’s to worry about as long as you have agreed and settled the price of goods.

importation of goods from china to Nigeria

Little things to note however is that while DHL and UPS offers easy, fast, and secure shipment, it comes with a higher price which will drive the final cost of your goods higher irrespective of who is paying for shipment. If a merchant is shipping through DHL or UPS, they must have added the cost to the price of the goods.

Free On Board is the most popular system used for freight shipping, in conjunction with the port of loading. With this arrangement, the seller is responsible for transporting the goods to the port for shipment and also take care of the loading charges. From there the responsibility of clearing the goods from your own port and transporting it to your final destination and paying all costs of transport, insurance, etc becomes yours.

The Guideline For Importation In Nigeria

Though the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) have made several claims in the past of how they have changed the face of port operation in Nigeria, I can assure you that things are still the same if not worst over the past eight years. Therefore, you have to prepare for the long list of unnecessary huddles.

But if the goods you are importing is a product in high demand, you can be sure of making your money in millions to cover all the hardship you went through. The good news is that importing from China isn’t as hard and costly as importing from other countries in Europe and America.

Below is a vital information about importation procedure in Nigeria. Please, share your opinion below after reading and let’s take the discussion further. You can ask questions or help others find answers to their question. Remember, no dropping of email or phone number in your comment.

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

A shipping company intending to bring cargo into a Nigerian sea port has to clear the ship by obtaining Ship Entry Notice (SEN) two months in advance from the Operations Department of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). The customer, in the alternative, could obtain clearance through a registered and licensed agent based in Nigeria.

This is without prejudice to all other regulations guiding the operations of other relevant government agencies and international laws regulating maritime operations. The procurement of a Ship Entry Notice is a guarantee that a vessel would have berthing facility on arrival in Nigeria. This in essence means that the ship does not come to queue and thus incur demur rage.

Merchandise And Raw Materials

Personal Effects

It is no longer mandatory that the consignee engages the services of a registered Clearing and Forwarding Agent in respect of merchandise and raw materials. In such cases, the consignee may opt for self clearance as is the

Types Of Cargo Requirements

There are two categories of goods for the purposes of this guideline:

(a) Merchandise and Raw Materials

(b) Personal Effects

it is no longer mandatory that the consignee engages the services of a registered Clearing and Forwarding Agent in respect of merchandise and raw materials. In such cases, the consignee may opt for self clearance as is the case with personal effects, where the owner may clear the cargo when familiar with the clearing procedure.

Bill of Lading

The consignor/shipper sends the Bill of Lading in advance of the arrival of the ship to the consignee/importer. This document contains the following vital information.

(a) The name of the ship carrying the goods
(b) The description of the goods along with their marks and numbers
(c) The date of departure from port of loading
(d) The weight of cargo
(e) The terms of contract of affreightment

Procedure: Import

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

The importer/consignee takes the Bill of Lading to the NPA Central Office for Planning and Information of the appropriate port for details about the arrival date of the ship and her allocated berth. This information can also be obtained from the shipping company.

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The importer or his agent completes the Bill of Entry and registers it with the Nigerian Customs Service.

The consignee or importer proceeds to the shipping company to effect Shipping Company Release of the goods

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

There, the Bill of Lading is cross-checked and compared with the ship’s manifest. After certifying the correctness of consignee’s documents, a blank form called Delivery Order (D.O.), supplied to the shipping company by the Nigerian Ports Authority, is then issued to the importer.

The consignee or his agent competes the Delivery Order and returns same and the Bill of Lading to the shipping company.

The shipping company then scrutinizes the details on the Delivery Order, endorses it and withdraws the original of the Bill of Lading from the consignee or his agent. Thereafter, the lower portion of the Delivery Order is detached and handed back to the importer who holds it as evidence of shipping company release.

The main body of the Delivery Order is sent to the Marketing Department of Nigerian Ports Authority at the specific port.

The Marketing Department then raises all necessary bills through a computerized system, marries the Release Note copy of the Customs Bills of Entry with the shipping company’s Delivery Order, after which bills are authorized.

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

The bills are then vetted by the Audit Department after which payments are effected at designated bank.

The necessary delivery sets are then produced using information contained in the Delivery Order and subsequently transferred to the transit shed or delivery point.

The consignee or his agent then proceeds to the appropriate transit shed or delivery point to effect delivery. After loading, cargo pass is issued to the consignee or his agent who then proceeds to NPA gate for security checks and final exit.

Facilities And Insensitive

The NPA provides various cargo handling equipment for both containers and general cargo. Roro facilities are available at the ports. Free storage period of six days from the last day of a ship’s completion of discharge are allowed for importers to clear their goods.

Ship Manifest is a summary of all Bills of Lading due for discharge at a particular port.

Delivery Order is a printed form supplied by the NPA to shipping companies for purposes of delivery of goods to the rightful owners.

Importation of goods from china to Nigeria

Terminal Delivery Order(TDO) is a document on the presentation of which a consignee or agent is authorized to take delivery of consignment at an NPA terminal, delivery point or shed.

PLEASE NOTE THAT: carriage or cargo in excess of declaration on cargo manifest attracts sanction.


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