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Catering Services In Nigeria: Check Out The Top 20 Catering Service Companies In Nigeria.


Jan 29, 2024
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If you are currently planning event or a party and you don’t know the best catering service to contact in Nigeria, keep calm this post is solely for you. As we all know there are lots of catering services out there but we are only drop 20 on this post.

In no order, Below are the top 20 catering services to check out on in Nigeria.

Top 20 Catering Services In Nigeria

Top 20 Catering Services In Nigeria

Below are list of the top 20 catering services in Nigeria, they are located in Lagos, Abuja, Warri And Ogun State , Nigeria.

  • Tito Cakes and Events.
  • Wine and Gold Services.
  • Courdeau Catering.
  • S. J Abed Enterprise Ltd.
  • Astoria Caterers.
  • West Africa Catering Nigeria Ltd.
  • Unitop Catering Services.
  • Hamptons Catering Services.
  • Unique Chef World
  • Chef Akpan Catering Service
  • ExpressFoods Catering
  • TK’S Kitchen
  • CyCatering Services
  • Chef Mark
  • Balikis Catering Service
  • Food Hub Service
  • Dynamics Sumptuous Catering Service
  • Mr Bolicious and Grill
  • De Crown Caters
  • Exotic Smooth

Top 20 Catering Services In Nigeria

There are other catering services but, we are giving you this 20 base on our findings, the above listed catering services specializes on both indoor and outdoor services.

They specializes in packaging, refrigerated delivery transportation system and modern storage facility to ensure that their product get to their destinations in fresh condition.

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