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The360report is no. 1 online and entertainment news publisher by audience, meeting the news needs of over 10 million unique readers monthly via our website. We publish various news and editorial content, including entertainment, business, politics, current affairs, and human interest stories.

Our team of experienced writers brings our readers the day’s most important news stories. We cover breaking news and provide in-depth coverage of events and unique stories across Nigeria and worldwide. was founded in 2019 by Igbibidu Osasuyi, now under (The360wells),  and has grown into a widely read news and entertainment website with over 200 thousand monthly views. We are the world’s largest news publisher on Facebook, leading the way through news amongst other globally acclaimed international publishers.

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Lacream Home Ekosodin, Off Ekosoding Road, Off Benin Lagos Road.

For General Enquiries

Phone number: 08114958825

WhatsAPP Number: 08114958825

Email: [email protected]

For Ads Enquiries

Sales and Marketing Team Phone number: 08131251474

Email: [email protected]