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Who Is Libho Geza? Details About The Winner Of ‘Love Island South Africa’


Jan 29, 2024
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Libho Geza is the winner of Love Island South Africa. Did you know about his age and height? Well, read below to learn more about him.

A South African student-athletes, Libho Geza, is announced as the winner of the popular show”Love Island South Africa.”

He was the first winner of the show ( season 1). At the age of 23, he gains a wide group of fan-based popularities.

He is liked and admired by a lot of people after winning the show.

Love Island is a dating reality show in South Africa. The show season lasted for 27 days.

Libho Geza Age And Height- How Old Is He?

Libho Geza’s age is 23 years old.

He celebrates his birthday every January 21st.

He was born in 1998. Libho was born and raised in South Africa.

Libho Geza is very popular at his young age.

Libho Geza’s height is estimated to lie in 5 ft 10 into 6 ft 2 in.

However, the height mentioned above may differ from Libho’s actual height.

Moreover, the other legal websites have not mentioned his actual height details.

Libho Geza Girlfriend- Is He Dating?

Libho Geza’s girlfriend is Thimna Shoota.

Libho and Thimna met at the show.

They are living together, and even Libho’s mother is positive about their relationship.

Libho Geza Family

Libho Geza seems to have a lovely family.

Though Libho has not mentioned the name of his parents.

He frequently adds pictures and videos with his parents to his social media account.

What Is Libho Geza Net Worth?

Libho Geza’s net worth is not disclosed yet. But we know that the couple had won prize money of $1million from the show.

Their primary source of income is still unknown.

Libho Geza On Instagram

Libho Geza is available on Instagram as libhogeza

He got 38.8 k followers on Instagram. Libho is very active on his social media account.

Moreover, Libho is also available on Twitter.

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