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What is a trimount ceiling fan


Jan 29, 2024
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What does Trimount mean in ceiling fans?

Triple-mount ceiling fans (also known as tri-mount) provide three unique mounting options. Like dual-mount ceiling fans, they are capable of both close ceiling installation or installation with a downrod. In addition, triple mount ceiling fans have an angle mount option that allows for installation on a sloped ceiling.

What does 1200mm mean in ceiling fan?

The air delivered by a ceiling fan is proportional to its sweep. The blades on this ceiling fan have a sweep length of 1200 mm, which means it can deliver the optimum amount of air suitable for any large room.

What does dual mount mean for ceiling fan?

But exactly what is a dual mount ceiling fan? Well to put it simply it’s a fan that has been designed to fit in to most rooms, without the ceiling height being an issue. Normally when you want a ceiling fan you fall in to one of two brackets. … A dual mount ceiling fan has been designed for both eventualities.

Are 8 blade ceiling fans better?

And, as we discussed above, the more blades a fan has, the quieter it will be. However, more blades can increase drag on the motor. Most ceiling fans deigned for the home come with 4 to 5 blades for the ideal balance between the amount of air circulated and the amount of ambient noise.

Which fan is better 1200mm or 1400mm?

Fans with higher sweep mean it can deliver more air, but the area of air spread determines its efficacy. … A bigger room (10′ x 12′ to 12′ x 12′) would require a fan with a sweep between 1200mm to 1400mm. A room bigger than 12′ x 12′ should ideally have at least 2 or more fans with suitable sweep size.

What does mm in ceiling fan mean?

When buying a ceiling fan you should understand the kind of airflow it will deliver. It is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters per Minute), with Good Air Delivery recognized at 205-230 CMM. … The standard 1200 mm (48) fan, runs at 300/350 RPM while the Hi-Speed fan runs at 380/390 RPM or so.

What size ceiling fan do I need for a 12×12 room?

36″ to 44″

The average range for ceiling fans is 42” to 72”, though they are produced in sizes as small as 24” and as large as about 96”.

Overview Chart.

Room SizeCeiling Fan Size
ceiling fan size for 12×12 room36″ to 44″
ceiling fan size for 12×13 room44″ to 54″

What is best brand ceiling fan?

Best ceiling fans in India

  • Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm Ceiling Fan. …
  • Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan. …
  • Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan. …
  • Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan. …
  • Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan. …
  • Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80-watt Ceiling Fan.

Is a 54 inch ceiling fan too big for a bedroom?

The ALA recommends a 29- to 36-inch fan for a room up to 75 square feet, such as a bathroom; a 36- to 42-inch fan for a medium-size room up to 144 square feet; and a 50- to 54-inch fan for a room around 225 square feet; 54- and 60-inch or larger fans are available for larger spaces.

How big are the blades on a 52 inch ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fan Size Guide

Blade SpanGood forRoom Size
29″ to 36″Bathrooms, Breakfast Nooks, Utility RoomsUp to 75 sq. ft
42″ to 48″Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining RoomsUp to 175 sq. ft
52″ to 56″Large Bedrooms, Family Rooms, Media RoomsUp to 350 sq. ft
60″ or largerGreat Rooms, Other Large SpacesMore than 350 sq. ft

Can a fan be too big for a room?

Besides of freshening a room, fans complete a room design and composition. … A ceiling fan that’s too big will overpower the room’s design and visually pull the ceiling downwards; a fan that’s too small won’t properly circulate the air.

Is a 3 blade or 5 blade fan better?

When it comes to design and aesthetic look, the 3 bladed ceiling fan is more pleasing than the 5 bladed. … Generally, the more blades the ceiling fan has, the quieter it is and circulates less air. Ceiling fan with more blades can increase the drag on the motor and affects its movement.

Do 3 blade fans work as well as 5 blades?

There is a common misconception that five ceiling fan blades work better than four or even three blades. … According to Energy Star more blades do not move more air 1 – even one, two, or three bladed fans can be extremely efficient — what matters is the strength of the motor powering the fan.

What size room do I need for a 72 inch fan?

Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms and Outdoor Areas

Room SizeBlade Span
18 feet x 18 feet (324 square feet)60- to 72-inches
25 feet x 25 feet (625 square feet)72- to 84-inches
30 feet x 30 feet (900 square feet, or larger)84- to 96-inches, or larger

Jul 19, 2021

What type of ceiling fan moves the most air?

A flush-mount ceiling fan with a high CFM will move the most air for you. You’ll want to look for a high-flow model that has a 7000 CFM rating at minimum if you want a lot of air movement in your room.

What size room do I need for a 44 inch ceiling fan?

ENERGY STAR® makes the following recommendations for ceiling fan diameter: Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29 – 36 inches. Rooms 76 – 144 square feet = 36 – 42 inches. Rooms 144 – 225 square feet = 44 inches.

What is the best number of blades for a ceiling fan?

Choosing a fan with four or five blades used to be the best way to ensure quiet operation, as more blades tend to create natural balance within the fan. This balance keeps the ceiling fan centered, causing it to produce less ambient noise than one with fewer blades.

Is a higher CFM better?

A higher CFM is always better for your kitchen fan. You can always run a high CFM hood on lower settings. It provides great ventilation by moving a heavy amount of air per minute.

Which ceiling fan is high speed?

Offering a superior speed of up to 370 RPM, the Crompton High-speed Ceiling Fan can fill the room with air in no time.

CROMPTON High Speed 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (White)

Model NameHigh Speed
Brand ColorWhite
Number of Blades3

What CFM means?

per minute

The blower in a range hood is sized, or rated, by CFM … the cubic feet of air moved per minute. It is important to correctly size a range hood based on your stove, room size, and ductwork.

What is a good CFM for ceiling fans?

On high speed: Good CFM ranges from 4,000 to 5,000. Better ranges from 5,000 to 6,000. Best is over 6,000.

DOES CFM matter for fans?

Cubic Feet per Minute – or CFM – determines the amount of air that a fan can move through a room while operating at the highest speed. The larger the space, the higher the fan CFM must be in order to efficiently cool a room. CFM for fans is a critical measurement for determining if a room can be cooled.

How many CFM do I need for 1000 square feet?

50 CFM

Heat and energy recovery ventilators

Total area of home (square feet)Continuous ventilation rate
1,000 square feet50 CFM
2,000 square feet100 CFM
3,000 square feet150 CFM

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