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What does it mean to be attuned to something


Jan 29, 2024
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What does it mean to be highly attuned?

/əˈtʃuːnd/ able to understand or recognize something: A good nurse has to be attuned to the needs of his or her patients. Politicians must be highly attuned to these dangers.

What’s another word for attuned?

What is another word for attuned?

hip toaware of
acquainted withtuned in
respectfulregardful of
alert toobserving
heedful ofobservant

How do you use attuned in a sentence?

(1) He seemed unusually attuned to people’s feelings. (2) His ears are attuned to the noise of a big city. (3) A good nurse has to be attuned to the needs of his or her patients. (4) Her ears are sharply attuned to her baby’s cry.

How do you attune someone?

5 exercises to help you attune:

  1. Do a body scan. Self-attunement is just as important as attuning to others. …
  2. Hug or touch your partner. Physical touch can be a great way to calibrate to your partner, says Fleming. …
  3. Practice mindfulness. …
  4. Prioritize communication. …
  5. Look into your partner’s eyes.

What is the opposite of attuned?

attune. Antonyms: unstring, disharmonize, disarrange, discompose, dislocate, disturb, disconcert. Synonyms: temper, attemper, harmonize, adjust, accommodate.

What is a antonym for attuned?

verbmake, become suitable for something. accord. accustom. adapt. adjust.

What is emotionally attuned?

Being emotionally-attuned, however, doesn’t mean you over-identify with your child’s emotions. It means keeping our own emotions as parents in check. Children don’t want their parents to be as scared, hurt or angry as they are; they want someone who can contain those feelings for them and make them feel safe.

What does emotionally attuned mean?

When we are attuned we are making genuine efforts to understand our partners emotions. This does not involve attempts to change our partner or assess for our partner’s accuracy in a situation or conflict. Rather, it is more like turning toward our partner with a curious and open heart.

How do you attune your child?

Take a moment to honor that, and praise her effort instead of the result. This helps create the foundation for respect, self-worth and resilience. It also helps you accept your child for what she is capable of doing in that moment. And finally, attunement is built through respect: physical, emotional and spatial.

What does attunement mean in a relationship?

In practice, attunement is when we engage with someone else’s feelings and in that moment, they feel us and we are no longer alone but connected. … Or simply put, when someone is attuned to us, we feel they really get us, experience us and understand us.

Can you learn attunement?

We learn emotional attunement in our early childhood. … Over time, we would get better at expressing our feelings and eventually learn how to self-regulate our emotions. For children whose caretakers didn’t respond to their needs, they may have learned to turn away from their emotions, shut them down, or bury them.

What are attachment ruptures?

• Attachment ruptures allow for a repair which is the process where child and caregiver. communicate in some way to get back to equilibrium (responding empathically, hugging, snuggling, kissing, smiling, making good eye contact, spending quality time, etc.). • Repairs lead to resiliency.

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