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Tundenny Biography, Full Name, Age,Profession, Graphic Designs, Place of Birth.


Jan 29, 2024
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Sulaimon Babatunde, professionally known as Tundenny, is a Nigerian Graphic Designer based in Lagos. He was born 28 October 1996, through his father support he successfully became a creative designer at age 16.

The Visual Content Creator Tundenny, is skillful and good in all kind of designs such as Business Card, Flyer Handbill, Flex Banner, Poster, Show Designs, Logo Design and Lot more. Also, He is anexcellent typist in Microsoft Word.

Full Name:

Sulaimon Babatunde

Known As:



28 October 1996


Organization/Business Name:

Tundenny Graphic Suite



Isa Muse Sule, SulaimonOlabisi


Sulaimon Aminat, Sulaimon Ibrahim, Sulaimon Fatimoh, Sulaimon Mubaaraq, Sulaimon Musediq

State of Origin:

Place of Birth:




Tundenny Early Life

Tundenny was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area, born into thegood-looking Family of Isa Muse Sule, his fatherand his mother Sulaimon Olabisi. Tundenny is aYoruba Ethnic, a Christian by religion, including his mother and siblings, whereas his father is a Muslim. Tundenny happened to be the First Son of his parents, also with five younger ones (siblings), two girls and three boys.


Educational Background

Tundenny studied his Secondary at IwerekunCommunity High School Lakowe in Ibeju-Lekki,Lagos State. While he completed his Elementary atRoman Catholic Mission School.

Tundenny Life Career

In 2009, Tundenny was registered into Sammy Prints organization as an apprentice through his father’s help. The above organization is a firm that renders Graphic Designs/Printing Press Services,owned by Raji Samson Elemoro. Tundenny served as an apprentice under Sammy Prints for good five years and mastered all about graphic design skills, he then completed all his necessary training and freedfrom his boss in year 2014.

Straight away, after his independence from his (Boss,Raji Samson Elemoro), Tundenny worked with Ella Heart School as a Computer Typist for just two months, around 2015, he grabbed a good job opportunity that came to his way then movedforward to Modem Computer Technology, a firmthat renders Computer Services, he was employed there as a Graphic Designer/Typist. During his services with Modem Computer he made sure he did all his necessary duties in his care was done and he performed the most excellent job to meet up with the standard of the Organization/Company.

Tundenny Biography, Full Name, Age,Profession, Graphic Designs, Place of Birth.

In 2017, Tundenny was employed as a Graphic Designer by De-Conglomerated Property and Construction Company. Due to his Hardworking and Creativities he was recognized as a Professional Graphic Designer by Alhaji Ibrahim the CEO of the company. In 2018, he began plans to establish himself with a nice portfolio while he was still working under companies.

Organization/Business Name

In 2020, Tundenny began with his creativity organization/business, named Tundenny Graphic Suite founded on the 10th of March, 2020, but his organization is still in process. Sometime ago in2020, Tundenny created a Logo for a Plumbing Services Institute, and also produced a Brand Logo Design for Boost Store, an Organization as a resultwhich deals with POS Services and Others.

Tundenny Biography, Full Name, Age,Profession, Graphic Designs, Place of Birth.

Tundenny also gives free graphic design tutorials on his Youtube Channel in case, if beginners may love to use it as references. Also, Tundenny has earned 11.4k followers on his Instagram page.

Photo/Video Editing Experience

Tundenny has experience in Videos editing in year 2020, he edit his videos with the Help of CamtasiaSoftware and still putting more efforts to get more improvement/better in video edits while he uses Photoshop to edit photos.


Tundenny is currently not in any relationship due to his aspire and targets.

Net Worth

Currently, there’s no estimated net worth – Loading ………

Graphic Designs

Tundenny graphic designs are given out in affordable price to new clients in order to build a Good Customer Relationship with people. Tundenny has done lots of unique Graphic Designs out there and also urging more clients that may need his good and services, kindly check below and see his design for 2020/2021 on his Instagram Page.

Tundenny Biography, Full Name, Age,Profession, Graphic Designs, Place of Birth.


Whatsapp Number: 08027041883

Mobile Number: 08102973846

Email Address

[email protected]

[email protected]

Social Handles

Facebook: Tundenny

Instagram: Tundenny

Twitter: Tundenny

Linkedin: Tundenny Original

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