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Top 14 Plastic Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria.


Jan 29, 2024
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Plastic Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria.

Plastic companies in Nigeria are numerous because all the businesses that produce something need cheap, comfortable, and easy-to-use containers, wrapping, packages, and so on. Still, there are companies that handle their duties better than others. Let’s give our attention to those Nigerian providers and producers of plastic which have the best reputation and experience.

Plastic Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria.

Below are the top notch plastic manufacturing companies to check out on in Nigeria.


Dana Plast is one of the leading plastic manufacturing company in Nigeria with over 17 years experience in the plastic manufacturing industry. They produce premium designed products and manufacture custom built as well as general purpose products.


Black Horse Plastic Products, a Nigerian manufacturing company with products in plastic chairs and tables, rubber foot-wears and household products. This is a company based in Oyo State.

Geeta Plastic

This company is based in Lagos State. They specialize in the production of blow molded and injection plastic goods like packaging stuff and printed sleeves.

MC Plastic Nigeria Limited

MC Plastic Nigeria Limited are the manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene based products such as jerry cans, drums, chair and other plastic containers. They are located at Plot 28, Sharada Industrial Estate, Shadara Phase 1, Kano State.

Leoplast Nigeria

Leoplast Nigeria is Locate in Ogun State, this company can provide you with anything you need, starting with plastic containers for food, household tools and furniture, and ending with paint buckets and packaging materials of all possible types. They are actually the biggest and the oldest producers of plastic items in Nigeria.

Bathija Group

Bathija Group is the leading manufacturing company that produces synthetic plastic polymer, PVC pipes of high quality in variety of ranges including PVC -U pressure and casing pipes.

Nampet Ventures

The company specializes in plastic packaging and vessels for drinking water (bottles of different types). Also, you can find airtight caps for the bottles with water. The company also recycles plastic, saving the nature and making their goods cheaper.

Environmental Expressions Limited (EEL)

Environmental Expressions Limited (EEL) are located at 1K Second Avenue, Kado-Mbinko, Gwarinpa, Abuja FCT, Nigeria. They are into production of high quality plastic packaging bags, preforms and new plastic products from 100% recycled waste material.

Holborn Plastics

Holborn Plastics are Located in Kano State, this company produces and provides big items like tanks for the water storage or plastic dustbins. In addition, you can find an assortment of injection molded furniture items and household products.

Techblow Nigeria Limited

Techblow Nigeria Limited is a plastics producing & marketing company for all kinds of blow moulding products ranging from 500ml to 50 litre plastic jerry cans, plastic coolers, cosmetic jars, pharma bottles, yoghurt bottles and other containers. They are located at Km 40, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Ijako, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Salamasor Nigeria

Salamasor Nigeria Here’s another Lagos based manufacturer of plastic goods. These guys are specialists in the production of polyethylene films of different types like printed and smooth rolls, polypropylene, shrink and stretch films, and other types of packaging for the industrial and domestic usage.

Mustayak General Enterprise

Mustayak General Enterprise is another Kano based plastic manufacturing company, This Kano State based company produces all types of plastic buckets, coolers, plates, and other items, which may be used for household and industrial purposes.

Nampet Ventures Limited

Nampet Ventures Limited is a plastic packaging and water bottling company producing PET preforms, PET plastic bottles, high density polyethylene bottle caps, bottling of distilled water and the recycling of plastic bottles.

Peter E. Venture Nigeria Limited

Peter E. Venture Nigeria Limited manufactures plastic products such as cosmetics plastic containers, coat hangers of assorted designs, shoe soles, cloth pegs, disposable take away food containers, multi colored drinking straws and yogurt containers.

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