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Richest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria 2024 (top 10)


Jan 29, 2024
Richest And Biggest HypeMen In NigeriaRichest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria
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Richest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria 2023 (top 10)

Richest HypeMen : In the rap world, an Hype man is more of a supporting rapper or singer who backs up the main rapper by emphasizing on his or her lyrics.

A bit difference and the reason hype men do not totally take the place of a conventional backup vocalist or rapper is that they tend to surge audience excitement and add a lot more fun to artistes performances.

They do this by provoking a call and also prompting a response from the crowd. They contribute big-time to live concerts and performances.

They’ve become a popular figure in Nigeria and also, these guys draw the attention of the audience to the rapper, singer of Master of Ceremony (MC).

Compiled here is a list of the top 10 hype men in Nigeria today. These guys have become very known over the years as hype men who got the club rolling and party grooving.

They’ve also become hype men at shows organized at very popular nightclubs and concert centres in Nigeria. Below are the top 10 hype men in Nigeria…

Top 10 Hype Men in Nigeria that Turn Upsidedown Every Concert

10. Emperor KC

Emperor KC is really one cool dude who’s been and worked as the hype man at shows studded by famous celebrities.

He’s the guy who’s got the very popular nightclub in Benin City named Club Joker booming. Emperor KC does a very good job as a hype man when it comes to stirring the crowd.

With such good looks as a young chubby-looking man, it’s difficult to not harvest the groovy spirit from his hype.

Richest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria 2024 (top 10)

He also does the hype man job at concerts for topnotch stars who mostly are musicians.

9. Uche Sensei

Uche Sensei, the 9th most known hype man on the list is also an On-air Personality and he’s got a nickname to his awesomeness.

He’s real name is Uchechukwu Daniel Agbai, but he’s called the party animal, why? Primarily because he’s wicked at what he does in the club.

Just like very many popular artistes and personalities who started from the humble beginning small and unpopular, Uche started out humbly.

Through consistency and hardwork, this guy has become well known enough to have hosted some the groovy and biggest gigs in Nigeria so far.

8. Lord El

We won’t compete this list of top Hype men in Nigeria without mentioning the Hercules, Lord El. He’s a top Nigerian Hype man and one to reckon with in Africa.

He’s got the strength of a diehard hype man, he’s got the vibes and also the, this guy has got the fire on.

Actually, Lord El started out as a Master of Ceremonies (MC) who anchored shows, events and contests. From being an MC, he gradually emerged an Hype Man and has worked with a lot of entertainers in Nigeria.

7. Rapper A.O.


A.O. is both a rapper and an Hype Man. He does hype for Vector; one of Nigeria’s fastest rappers and music idols. He’s got music skills and knows when to come in on Hype behind the acts on stage.

Rapper A.O. has been at very popular clubs, shows and has hyped for a number of Nigerian music stars. The crowd love him doing his job. A.O. would hopefully become a big-time rapper in the Nigerian music world.

6. Hypeman Jerry

One of the most skilled Nigerian hype man is undoubtedly Hype man Jerry. He’s backup singer, a backup rapper, music promoter, event organizer, an hype man, and a model.

He promotes Nigerian songs of all genres including Afro, Electro, Mash, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Dancehall, Reggae and other genres of music produced in Nigeria.

Richest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria 2024 (top 10)

Hype man Jerry got his uniqueness from being very loud, energetic and somewhat rough on the performance stage.

Since his role models are American icons Lil Jon and Fatman Scoop, it’s not difficult to know why Hype man Jerry’s style is so wild, and why he goes energetic and loud with the mic.

The party becomes too hot with this guy, the crowd just can’t get enough hype from him. Jerry’s style isn’t with a dull moment, he’s more like the chandelier brightening the show with a tinge of swag!

Hype man Jerry is willing to grow as he considers himself upcoming in the game. He’s also a musical artiste with a collaborative spirit.

5. SlimShady


SlimShady is a top hype man in Nigeria. He’s got a funny nick to his looks, they call him “your girlfriends favourite tall slim boyfriend”, funny right? SlimShady became a star in 2012 after he won the Amstel Malta All Time Show.

He literally became a sensation in the entertainment industry. After winning the show, SlimShady rose to become a popular name in the Nigeria entertainment and choreography world.

Yet he wasn’t a hype man. He did organize TV shows on the internet and also red carpet events before becoming a hype man.

What really made the switch from being an ordinary online TV and red carpet host to a hype man was his work on stage with Pepenzi, which would become his first hype job. SlimShady has worked with artistes in the Davido Music Worldwide record label, and other artistes.

He’s also worked with fellow hype man, Do2dtun. SlimShady is also the guy behind the SlimShady Invasion Brand.

This guys does magic when introducing artistes on stage, he also puts up the jam spirit of the fans above the roof! and then, leaves the artistes on a level that is more than comfortable to start on.

4. Ehiz

Ehiz is also a top hype man in the Nigeria entertainment sphere. He was born Ehizogie Okoeguale and is the presenter for the very known music channel, MTV Base.

In the start, he contested for the MTV Base VJ Search and one contestant with the most fans having him as their favorite.

Richest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria 2024 (top 10)

Over the years, he’s become very popular and has hosted a number of red carpet events, awards shows, gigs, radio shows, and television shows.

Ehiz has hyped for several Nigerian musicians, and sometimes, the presenter works alongside Ex Beat FM Sports presenter, Jimmie Akinsola.

3. Jimmie


Jimmie Akinsola, a formal presenter for Beat FM Sports is one of the the top hype men in Nigeria who’s risen to become topnotch in Nigeria. He’s unique, this makes him a standalone astounding hype man in the country.

He’s good-looking, tall and lanky with much charisma to his looks! All you really need to know about this guy is that’s he’s the official hype man to top Nigerian music star, D’banj.

He’s also the ex host of Industry Night, and eventually has risen to be an hype man most sought for and respected in Nigeria.

Richest And Biggest HypeMen In Nigeria

2. Special Spesh

Runner-up on the list is Special Spesh. He’s been around for a long time in the Nigeria entertainment scene and is the official hype man to multiple award winning Nigerian music star, Davido.

Born as Edward Chukwuma, Special Ed has got intimidatingly cool beards and is a top hype man in Nigeria. How he rose to stardom is somewhat weird as he ended up losing as a finalist at the maiden edition of MTV Base VJ Search.

Upon gaining popularity as a contestant at the show, he worked as the official hype man to the defunct music label Mo’Hits Records.

After the music label went nonexistent, Special Ed worked with music star D’banj as a solo artiste. Special Ed has overtime garnered fans and gained popularity and recognition as a top hype man in Nigeria.

1. Do2dtun

Do2dtun tops the list as the #1 Hype Man in Nigeria. Although this is questionable, but his ability to thrill the crowd brilliantly has earned him this position as the #1 Hype Man in the country.

From dropping skits on albums to working with Olamide to awe and keep the audience engaged, Do2dtun does it better.

He’s known aside being an Hype Man and MC, as an On-air personality and the host of Nigerian TV show, Midday, which is aired on Cool FM.

He has connections to several big names in the music industry and has anchored mega shows in his career line as an MC.

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