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Current Prices Of Original Water Storage Tanks In Nigeria 2023.


Jan 29, 2024
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It’s a popular saying that water is life, you agree with me or not water is life as they said. storing up water for daily activities and other daily routine like production, maintenance and for drinking purpose becomes very necessary as means of water supply in most cases are not stable except you had the opportunity to have your own borehole.

Even if you have your own borehole, in a country like Nigeria where electricity is a very big challenge, if you don’t store up water, you will go out of constant water supply.

To alleviate and prevent this possible problem, you need to have a water storage tank, This will not only help you to preserve water, but it will help you to supply water to various areas of your house effectively.

Water Tank are made up of hard plastic material and it can hold a large quantity of water for a long period of time. Due to the usefulness, it is important that you go for Original water Tanks which are tough, durable, and won’t leak or crack easily.

It is important to note that, Water storage Tanks are of different types, brands, capacity and quality. Depending on the quality, brands and capacity of your choice, It’s necessary you carry out a market survey to get the idea of the price before going to the market.

The Current Prices Of Original Water Storage Tanks In Nigeria

As already mentioned earlier, there are various types, Brands and Size of water storage Tanks, the most frequently used in Nigeria is plastic water tank. This is because of it’s price, durability and easy maintenance.

In most cases their various prices are not stable due to the location of the buyer, time and season of purchase and also size and shapes of the tank the buyer want to go for. You won’t expect all size of plastic water storage tank to be sold in the same amount or would expect the prices to be the same in the whole of the 36 states in Nigeria.

The Current Prices Of Original Water Storage Tanks In Nigeria

To the best of my knowledge from various research, below are the various cost of water storage tank in Nigeria as of the time of this post.

  • 500 liters Water Storage Tank __N13,000 to N15,000
  • 750 liters Water Storage Tank__N17,000 to N21,000
  • 1000 liters Water Storage Tank__N21,000 to N27,000
  • 1200 liters Water Storage Tank__N22,000 to N33,000
  • 1500 liters Water Storage Tank__N28,000 to N25,000
  • 2000 liters Water Storage Tank__N39 to N49,000
  • 2500 liters Water Storage Tank__N47 to N56,000

The above list was compiled base on thorough research, i can assure you that they are very accurate as at the time of this post in 2020. But because of the fluctuation of prices in Nigeria due to dollar not being stable, it is advisable to confirm prices first before making any payment to the dealers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Tank

Buying a water tank is very necessary and vital as mentioned earlier, However, there are still other things to pun in consideration before buying a water storage tank, they are hinted below;

Capacity of your Building

while thinking of how you can buy a water storage tank in your home, the capacity or rather the size of your house matters so as to prevent water shortage at all time.


It is a common practice to be cautious of brands when buying any materials in the market, In the case of Plastic water storage tank, there are numerous brands out there but the most preferable ones are GEEPEE and STOREX tanks.Other bands are cool to use but these two has exceptional durability.

Materials Used

Material used is one of the determining factor while buying water storage tank, Some people still go for water storage tank made of steel, while many others preferred plastic ones due to it durability and ease in maintenance.

Aside the above points, where to mount the tank large or small is to be considered also, but as regard this i will advice you to seek the opinion of professionals on the field.

In case of any questions, or for more inquiries you can contact us via the comment section, we will respond to your questions.

Where To Buy Original Water Storage Tank In Nigeria

Thinking of the best place to buy an original water storage tank in Nigeria? There are many places where you can buy water storage tank in Nigeria, but the best place to buy is either fro the authorized dealer of the tank or direct from the manufacturing company. You should be wary of fake dealers who could possibly lure you to purchase fake tank that will get cracked or leak with ease.

Thank you very much for your time, you can as well contact us via the comment section in case of further inquiries.


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