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Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography.


Jan 29, 2024
Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography.Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography.
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Sydney Talker who has a net worth of $800,000 dollar is a Nigerian online comedian, dancer and a big name to talk about in the Nigeria entertainment industry. On this post, we will be discussing Sydney Talkers profile, and all relevant information you need to know about the young talented comedian with a promising future in comedy world.

Sydney talker is a professional, talented, and fast rising Nigerian comedian, and a dancer, who came into Nigeria comedy scene with his own unique way. Sydney Talker who happen to be an Instagram comedian is very popular and influential with his facial expression and white towel, He has thousands of YouTube subscribers and over 1 million followers on Instagram, no wonder he is so famous.

Sydney talker rise to fame in Nigeria Entertainment Industry, has left his fans and many other comedy lovers searching the internet trying to know more about his personal life.

sydney talker net worth

Sydney Talker Net Worth Is Estimated at $800,000 Dollars

  • Name: Sydney Egere Talker
  • Age: He is currently 25 years old
  • State: Edo State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Occupation: Comedian, Dancer
  • Net Worth: $800,000
  • Relationship: Under Review
  • Education: University Of Benin Student

Sydney Talker Biography

Sydney Egere, best know professionally as Sydney talker, He was born on October 12th 1995, he will be 28-year-old by October 2023.

The young Instagram comedian, Sydney talker hails from Edo state. However, he was born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Sydney Egere was raised by his single mom who was divorced by her husband at Sydney’s tender age.

Sydney Talker completed his primary and secondary school Education in Lagos State, and obtained both his First School Leaving Certificate and West Africa Senior School Certificate both in Lagos, South Western Part of Nigeria.

After his secondary school education in Lagos, He gained admission to study computer science at the prestigious University Of Benin, (UNBEN) Benin City, Edo State Nigeria, where he’s currently an undergraduate.

According to him he filled computer science due to his intention to learn Cinematography (videography) ” i choose to study computer science because i though i will learn cinematography, but i am not getting that at the moment” he said in one of his recent interview.

Sydney Talker Net Worth Is Estimated To Be $800,000 Dollars

Sydney Talker Career In Comedy

Sydney Talker’s passion for comedy was so strong that he couldn’t wait to graduate, he is currently an undergraduate student at the University Of Benin UNIBEN, He started making short skits in school environment, though most of them was UN-noticed.

Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography.

Sydney Talker Rise to Stardom in 2016 when he acted the “poor power supply” Comedy Skit, this shot skit make wave in Nigeria Internet space, it was widely accepted by Nigerian Comedy lovers. this make people searching the internet and various social media handles trying know more about the talented and a promising star in Nigeria Comedy industry.

Sydney Talker Facial expression earned him the Nickname Mr. Bean Of Nigeria. he has been criticize several times for promoting sexual related content in his comedy skits. Sydney Talker once noted in one of his recent interview that his funny face was just a random act in his videos until a Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham, told him the concept is unique. So, he started paying close attention to making his face even funnier.

Sydney Talker Personal Life

Sydney Talker has a computer-related background, he is an undergraduate at the University of Benin, studying computer science.

Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography.

His choice for computer science was borne out of his desire to learn Cinematography, which he called videography in one of his interview.

Although Cinematography (videography) is not a major course taught in Nigerian universities under computer science, Sydney talker’s passion was not kindled towards cinematography (videography).

Sydney Talker love his mother so much. And he is currently not in any open relationship.

Sydney Talker Net Worth Is Estimated To Be $800,000 Dollars

Sydney Talker Net Worth

Sydney talker is currently one of the richest and the most influential comedian in Nigeria entertainment industry with a estimated net worth of $800, 000 dollars.

Syney Talker Controversies

In April 2020 there was a rumor back with a short video, claiming that sydney talker contracted the novel Corona-virus, it was allege that he was rejected by the Nigeria Center For Disease Control N.C.D.C, The rumor was however, confirmed to be false. Sydney Talker did not contract Coronavirus neither was he rejected by Nigeria Center For Disease Control N.C.D.C

Sydney Talker Social Media Handles

Instagram: @sydnertalker

Twitter: @Sydney Talker

Facebook: Sydney Talker

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