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Top 20 Richest Men In Africa In 2023


Jan 29, 2024
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Top 20 Richest Men In Africa In 2023

Topping the list is Aliko Dangote, owner of the largest conglomerate in West Africa, Aliko Dangote has a net worth $13.5 billion.  On the other hand, The richest woman in Africa is technically Isabel dos Santos, who made her fortune with various investments in Angolan companies while her father was president of the country.

Richest Men In Africa 2023.

The 20 richest people in Africa have made their fortunes by investing in industries like diamonds, oil, and retail. In total, they have a combined total net worth of over $73.3 billion, with Aliko Dangote, owner of the largest conglomerate in West Africa, topping the list with a net worth of $13.5 billion.

This Net Worth Compilation is according to Forbes African Billionaire rating in 2020.

 RankNameNet WorthAgeOrigin of Wealth
 #1Aliko Dangote$13.5 B63cement, sugar, flour
 #2Nassef Sawiris$8 B59construction, chemicals
 #3Mike Adenuga$7.7 B67telecom, oil
 #3Nicky Oppenheimer$7.7 B75diamonds
 #5Johann Rupert$6.5 B70luxury goods
 #6Issad Rebrab$4.4 B76food
 #7Mohamed Mansour$3.3 B72diversified
 #8Abdulsamad Rabiu$3.1 B60cement, sugar
 #9Naguib Sawiris$3 B66telecom
 #10Patrice Motsepe$2.6 B58mining
 #11Koos Bekker$2.5 B67media, investments
 #12Yasseen Mansour$2.3 B59diversified
 #13Isabel dos Santos$2.2 B47investments
 #14Youssef Mansour$1.9 B75diversified
 #15Aziz Akhannouch$1.7 B59petroleum, diversified
 #16Mohammed Dewji$1.6 B45diversified
 #17Othman Benjelloun$1.4 B88banking, insurance
 #18Michiel Le Roux$1.3 B71banking
 #19Strive Masiyiwa$1.1 B59telecom
 #20Folorunsho Alakija$1 B69oil

Aliko Dangote Net Worth: Aliko Dangote is currently one if the richest and most influential men in African with an estimated net worth of $13.5 billion dollars as of this post.

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