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Otunba Cash Biography House Cars, Lifestyle And Net Worth.


Jan 29, 2024
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One time Nigerian big-boy, Otunba Cash who displayed much affluence is our subject of discussion on this article. will unveil all you need to know about Otunba Cash, his biography, his lavish lifestyle and his estimated Net worth as of 2020.

Otunba cash

Quick Review To Otunba Cash Profile

  • Name: Emmanuel Aneke
  • Known As: Otunba Cash
  • Age: No records
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur and CEO of Instanbul entertainment
  • Record Label: Instanbul entertainment
  • Marriage: Under Review
  • Net Worth: $900,000
Otunba Cash

Otunba Cash Biography

Otunba Cash’s real name is Emmanuel Aneke. Hails from an Igbo community judging by his name. There is no official record of information concerning his backgrounds like date of birth, age, and family. Reason being that, Emmanuel Aneke aka Otunba Cash got media attention for the wrong reason. He was caught in crimes related to hacking and fraud.

Otunba Cash Lifestyle

Otunba Cash Luxurious Lifestyle

Otunba Cash before now was the talk of social media platforms. He displays his wealth unapologically. On Instagram, he would post pictures of himself in cars worth millions and multi-million houses. The cost of his clothing would break account cheques. This level of affluence got Emmanuel the name “Otunba Cash”. Otunba cash translates to “a cash villa” in the Igbo language.

Well, before you make consider making him your role model, his source of money was not legit. Otunba Cash was involved in large-scale fraud and email account hacking. During his arrest, several luxurious cars, 17 smartphones, 15 sim-cards, 3 USB memory, 4 computer devices, $85,000, €5,000, expensive necklaces and bracelets. Rolex wrist-watches and implicating documents were recovered.

otunba Cash

Otunba Cash Crimes

Emmanuel Aneke aka Otunba Cash was the CEO of Instanbul Entertainment, Nigeria until he was connected to fraud and email hacking.

Otunba Cash was arrested alongside his gang members in Turkey for a $1.4million scam which they carried out in Denmark. His gang members include; O. Popoola, A.A Oyemade, A.T Fajolu, and B.O Balogun.

Otunba Cash Jewelries

Otunba Cash doom days began when the Danish police mailed the Turkish police on 9th May 2018 via Interpol, informing them of unauthorized access into GM-Plast Company’s e-mail. The mail included proof that the company paid huge sums into a bank account based in Turkey. An investigation carried out by the Turkish Cyber crime Department led to the arrest of one Turkish citizen whose companies were used as a front. Further investigations into the matter revealed the Nigerians who were the brains behind the fraud scheme.

Otunba Cash Luxurious Life style

The Turkish police carried simultaneous operations in Istanbul on 18 October 2018, which to Otunba Cash’s arrest. Emmanuel Aneke aka Otunba Cash was eventually arrested in the luxury hotel he was staying with gang members

Both Otunba Cash and his gang members were all accused of hacking international companies’ emails by phishing. They would learn the modus operandi of their target companies and create duplicate websites to scam clients.

Emmanuel Aneke hacked the emails of the unsuspecting companies that made international trades and cloned payment invoices. His gang will further trick the companies into making payments into their cover-up companies.

BBC Report On 29 October 2018 it state “One Istanbul court order arrest of eight pipo including five Nigerians and three odas for Turkey sake of one international fraud case.

All dis suspects police gbab dem on Friday for one operation wey dem do for Istanbul Bağcılar district afta di complain from di company wey dem play wayo.

Dia accuse be say dem play one Denmark company wayo, hack enta di company emails and create wayo invoices.

Dem later divert $1.4 million from di company bank account to dia own accounts, wey dem disguise as di account of di Danish company partner inside Turkey. Emanuel Aneke aka Otunba Cash, wey be from Nigeria na im dem identify as di leader of di gang”.

Otunba Cash Net worth

Otunba was a entrepreneur, CEO of Instanbul entertainment, before he was connected to fraud he committed. Prior to his arrest, Otunba Cash Net worth was an estimated $900,000 dollars.

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