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Mulla Rae Net Worth And Biography.


Jan 29, 2024
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Mulla Rae Net Worth: Emmanuel Andrew professionally known as Mulla Rae is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, entertainment and a music entrepreneur who has a net worth of $20,000. Emmanuel better known as Mulla Rae has been around the music industry for years now, and has been able to push himself to where he is today and still working hard to get known across the world.

On this post The360report will be revealing to you all you need to know about the hard working and young star with a promising future in the Nigerian music and entertainment industry.

Mulla Rae Profile.

  • Name: Emmanuel Andrew
  • Stage name: Mulla Rae
  • Date Of Birth: 23rd, December 1994
  • Place Of Birth: Kogi State
  • State Of Origin: Kogi State
  • Education: Lagos State University
  • Occupation: Singer and Music Entrepreneur
  • Source Of Income: Music
  • Up Time: since he was 14
  • Record Label: Self Made Boss
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Net Worth: $20,000

Mulla Rae Biography.

Born Emmanuel Andrew professionally known as Mulla Rae, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and a renown fast rising music star. Mulla Rae was born on 23rd of December 1994, He will be 26 years old by December 23rd 2021.

Emmanuel Andrew, better known as Mulla Rae was born into a discipline and Well mannered family, He has spent his life in Kogi State, Nasarawa and Lagos.

Emmanuel Andrew Net Worth And Biography

The music lover grew up with love and passion for music, during his secondary school days in Nasarawa State, He engaged himself in rap battle and music concert and music competition alongside his friends who where also music lover. Despite his love for music, he still value his education. Which was the major reason he proceeded to the prestigious university of Lagos where he had a BSc. Degree.

Mulla Rae Music Career.

As a kid he started singing at the age of 14, he has done a lot of music projects and put a lot of hard work to push himself to the spotlight even without any support.

Emmanuel Andrew decided to delve into the music industry full time, after he Successfully graduated from the prestigious university of Lagos, ever since he has a lot of music to his name and his work is well appreciated by his ever growing fans across the world.

Emmanuel Andrew is a young talented singer with a lot of opportunities and a Promised future in the Nigerian music industry and beyond, he has a lot of music he currently working on which would be released soon.

Mulla Rae Personal Life.

Mulla Rae is a young and handsome dude who would be every ladies dream, but unfortunately as of the time of this post we don’t have any form of relationship traced to him, hence we tagged him single incase you what to shoot your shot, lol.

As a music lover is always working on himself and his vocal, when he’s not busy with music he should be seen reading or watching football.

Mulla Rae Net Worth.

Emmanuel Andrew, better known as Mulla Rae is currently one of the richest and most influential young singers in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $20,000.

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