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Mo Abudu deny claims made by investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie concerning ‘Oloture’ (Video)


Nov 30, 2023

Multiple award-winning media personality Mo Abudu has finally reacted to the allegations levied against her by investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie on her hit movie ‘Oloture’.

Investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie some days ago called out Mo Abudu for allegedly copying her work in the movie ‘Oloture’.

According to Tobore, ‘Oloture’ is a copy and paste of her life story as she vows to drag Mo Abudu and others for allegedly using her work without credit.

This raised eyebrows on social media.

Mo Abudu in a new video has now opened up what happened as she debunked the allegations made by Tobore on the blockbuster movie, ‘Oloture’.

Mo Abudu narrated how Tobore filed a lawsuit against her company demanding for 5 million dollars in compensation for the movie.

See video of Mo Abudu speaking below:

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