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How to say i love you in jamaican


Jan 29, 2024
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How do you say sweetheart in Jamaican?

puttus: sweetheart, honey bunch. An affectionate term.

How do Jamaicans greet each other?

The most common greeting is the handshake with direct eye contact, and a warm smile. Use the appropriate salutation for the time of day: “good morning”, “good afternoon”, or “good evening”. Once a friendship has been established, women may hug and kiss on each cheek, starting with the right.

How do you say pretty in Jamaican?

Criss: Jamaican expression meaning “Pretty;” “fine;” or “okay.”

What is the meaning of GWEH?

Gweh! – Go away. Watch ya! – Look at this!

How do Jamaicans say go away?

Gweh : Go away.

Why do Jamaicans say Cho?

Cho! – An expression of frustration often used by parents contemplating the consequences of the beat down they’re about to impart.

What does chu mean in Jamaican?

Slang term primarily used for expressing annoyance or frustration. Patois: Cho! Mi cyaan fine mi fone.

How do you say God in Jamaican?

Definitions of “Jah” (Slang)

  1. Jah. God. A great name used by Jamaicans to show their respect to the creator and the king of the nation. Patois: Give thanks to jah.
  2. Jah. Jah guide. The most high God. Patois: Jah rule all a di world.
  3. Jah (Noun) lord. Rastafariarian expression for Lord or Jehovah. Patois: Mi luv yuh Jah.
  4. Jah (Noun)

What you say could eliminate you in Jamaican?

4. Wah nuh kill yuh, fatten yuh – What doesn’t kill you, fattens you. When you endure difficulty without dying you always emerge stronger than before.

How do you say love in Jamaican?


Boonoonoonoos is a Jamaican saying to express love.

How do you say I miss you in Jamaican?

A collection of useful phrases in Jamaican, an English-based creole with influences from languages of West and Central Africa spoken mainly in Jamaica.

Useful phrases in Jamaican.

PhraseJimiekn / Patwah (Jamaican)
I miss youMi miss yuh
I love youMi luv yuh
Get well soon
Go away!Gweh!

How do you say cheers in Jamaican?

Jamaica: Cheers! Japan: Kampai! Lithuania: I sveikata! Netherlands: Gezondheid!

How do u say hello in Jamaican?

‘Wah Gwaan’

This is probably the most well known Jamaican greeting and was even used by US President Barack Obama during his inaugural visit to Jamaica.

How do Jamaicans say you’re welcome?

Youre welcome. Yu welkom; long welkom.

What do Rastafarians call each other?

Idren or Bredren and Sistren refer to the oneness of Rastafari and are used to describe one’s peers (male – “bredren”, female – “sistren”).

What language do Jamaicans speak?

Jamaica/Official languages

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