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How to make your Instagram public using your phone or computer, so anyone can see your photos and stories

You can make your private Instagram account public at any time using the Instagram app or website.

Making your Instagram public will mean anyone who visits your account will be able to view all of your photos and Instagram stories.

Should you change your mind, you can always revert your account to private, though anyone who is following you will still be able to see your photos.

While it makes sense for influencers, celebrities, and brands to have public Instagram accounts, for many people who are just on the social media app to keep up with friends and family and share snapshots from their daily lives, a private account might be a better option.

A private account ensures that only people you choose can see the photos and Instagram stories you post, keeping details of your personal life out of the wrong hands.

However, if you do decide that you want to make your private Instagram account public, doing so is a simple and straightforward process that can be completed via both the Instagram app and the website. Here’s how to do it.

1. From your iPhone or Android home screen, locate and tap the Instagram app icon to open it.

2. Locate the profile icon on the far-right side of the toolbar running across the bottom of your screen and tap it to be taken to your profile page.

3. In the upper-right hand corner of your profile page, tap the three horizontally stacked lines, then tap “Settings.”

4. Tap “Privacy.”

5. Under “Connections,” locate and tap the “Account privacy” option.

6. On the “Account privacy” screen, slide the “Private account” toggle button to the left, which will turn the lever gray and make your account public.

7. From the pop-up box that appears, click “Change” to confirm that you want to make your account public.

1. Log into the Instagram website with your username and password on your Mac or PC .

2. Click the small profile icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen to be taken to your profile page. The icon looks like the outline of a person’s head and shoulders.

3. On your profile page, click the small gear icon next to the “Edit Profile” button to launch the Settings menu.

4. Click on “Privacy and Security.”

5. Under the “Account Privacy” header, uncheck the box next to “Private Account.”

How to make Instagram public6

How to make Instagram public6

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