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How do i pass the usps assessment test


Jan 29, 2024
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Is the USPS assessment test hard?

USPS exams are fairly straightforward, but with a failure rate as high as 90 percent, it’s worth investing some time into your preparation. Get familiar with the types of questions you’ll be asked and take practice tests. With the right preparation, you’re sure to succeed!

What is a good score for the USPS assessment test?

What Is a Good Score on the USPS Assessment Test? The passing score for any of the four Postal Exams is 70, and any score above that is considered good. If you see an ineligible status instead of a score, this means you haven’t managed to reach the minimum score of 70.

How hard is it to pass the postal exam?

Overall good experience. The test takes between 30-45 mins. … The 1st part of the 473 exam is fairly easy but is timed so you need to work quick and be accurate. The memory part is generally considered the hardest for most people unless you have a photographic memory.

What kind of questions are on the USPS assessment?

The test covers such subjects as Work Scenarios, Describe Your Approach, Tell Us Your Story, Check for Errors and Money Change. . To score high and improve your chances to get the job, use this 1000 question U.S. Postal Service Practice Exam and Study Guide.

How do I pass USPS Assessment Test 474?

Which postal exam is hardest?

By far the hardest portion of the exam for most people is Part C, where you’re asked to memorize the address range for various delivery routes and then sort addresses into their proper routes. To best this section, strengthen your memorization and recall skills.

What happens if you fail the USPS exam?

If you did not complete the assessment process, you are ineligible on that job application. However, that result will not be used for future job applications. You may apply for another job immediately; you are not locked out from applying to other jobs with that assessment requirement.

How many times can you take the USPS exam?

You can only take the four new tests that are now used to fill over 90% of all jobs either once every two years or once a year depending upon your score the first time around. You must wait two years if you pass but do not get the top score needed to get a job. If you fail, you must wait one year.

How do I study for the postal exam 473?

The best way to prepare for the 473 exam is to take practice tests, such as these:

  1. Part A Practice Tests.
  2. Part B Practice Tests.
  3. Part C Practice Tests.
  4. Part A: Address Checking. …
  5. Part B: Forms Completion. …
  6. Part C-1: Coding. …
  7. Part D: Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory.

What is a good score for the USPS Assessment Test 475?

What Is Good Score on the USPS Assessment 475? The passing score for the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 475 is a 70, and any score above that is considered good. Yet, the higher you score, the higher your chances to get an interview invitation as soon as possible.

Can you fail USPS driving test?

If an employee fails the Initial Road Test, that employee is not eligible for consideration for the vacancy and must wait for the next open position to retake the examination. … Test results are stored by the National Test Administration Center.

How do I find my USPS assessment score?

How do I get my results for the VEA? Once you have completed the VEA you may check your results by logging in to your eCareer Candidate Profile. Open the Roadmap and go to the Assessments page (7). This score will be used if you apply to jobs that require the same VEA version.

What is a good score on the postal exam 474?

A good score on the USPS 474 Exam is anything from 70 and above. However, some job openings are more competitive or look for a very small number of candidates. In these cases, the cut-off scores are high and applicants who get the highest scores will be the first ones invited for an interview.

What’s the next step after you pass the postal exam?

If you still wish to have a job at the USPS, you will have to re-appear for the postal exam 473 and go through the process of clearing it all over again. This can take an additional 4 to 6 months or even a year. Once you clear the medicine test, you will be invited for an interview and an impromptu orientation session.

What is a good score for the USPS Assessment Test 476?

At first glance, the Postal Exam 476 looks easy. But to pass it, you need to score 70, which is hard enough, since the assessment is full of tricky questions. But if you want to actually get hired, you better get a REALLY high score. Because the higher you score, the higher you’ll be on the acceptance list.

Is the 474 Postal exam hard?

It is a computer-based exam that you need to be prepared for as you only have 72 hours to complete it. … The passing score is 70%, and according to the USPS, 80% to 90% of candidates fail the postal exam.

Is 86 a good score for postal exam?

85-90 would be considered a good score.

What is a good score for the USPS Assessment test 477?

The Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) – CS (477) is an exam you must go through to become a Customer Service Clerk in the USPS. But if you want to be considered for this job, you must score at least 70, which is not that easy. According to the USPS, only 10%-20% of candidates reach that goal.

How long does it take to be hired by USPS?

Specifically, of the 195 positions noted: For non-driving positions that did not require an interview, 144 (74 percent) were open over 17 days. Suggested guidance for fast track hiring notes that the Postal Service should fill non-driving positions within 14 to 17 days (from posting to hiring).

What is the passing score for USPS Exam 473?


Test 473 requires a minimum score of 70. Acceptable test scores range from 70 to 100 and are called the basic rating.

How do I pass the postal exam 477?

The top score is 100, and 70 is passing. It is imperative that you achieve the highest score possible now when you have the chance. You must wait two years before you can take this exam again if you pass but do not get the top score needed to get a job. If you fail, you must wait one year before retaking it.

What disqualifies you from working for USPS?

An applicant found ineligible in any one factor — age, Selective Service System registration, driving record, qualifying test, driver’s license review, medicine screening, or English competence — is notified in writing that he or she is ineligible.

How long does it take to get hired at USPS 2021?

From applying to orientation it was about 5 weeks. About 3 weeks for the background check and fingerprinting to clear. If you know your past is good and you’ve done everything correctly, just try and trust in the process.

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