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Best Motivational Musics 2022: Check Out Top 7 Best Motivational Musics To Check Out On In 2022


Sep 28, 2023

Best Motivational Musics In 2020

In no order, below are the list of the top Motivational Music to boost your memory and for Best relaxation after a hectic day.

MIA – ‘Born Free’

Okay, so this video has that weird ginger genocide storyline but let’s ignore that. The lesson to learn here is “Yeah I don’t wanna live for tomorrow/ I push my life today”.

Florence + The Machine – ‘Dog Days Are Over’

This is probably one to listen to in the secrecy of your bedroom if you don’t want to ruin your street cred. It’s a bit, well, ‘X Factor final’ now (cheers Simon Cowell). Still, listening to ‘Dog Days Are Over’ puts an uplifting summer glow on dull, grey days.

Kanye West – ‘I Am A God’

If Kanye’s breathless ‘I Am A God’ doesn’t make you want to get up on your feet, not much will. It’s time to get stacking millions till you’re chilling with Jesus and remember, never ever accept sloppy service when it comes to croissant.

Kelis – ‘Bossy’

Life lesson to take from ‘Bossy’? Stop being nice to everyone. Remember: “You don’t have to love me/ You don’t even have to like me/ But you will respect me”. Now, dominate the office.

11. Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

That riff, that anti-establishment attitude: whether you’re doing a 20 minute crosstrainer sesh or powering through your tax returns, try your hardest to channel ‘Teen Spirit’ in moments of stress.

Fatboy Slim – ‘Right Here, Right Now’

The musical equivalent to your mum standing at the bottom of the stairs shouting “No, not in five minutes! Do your homework NOW”.

The Vines – ‘Get Free’

If you’re trying to psych yourself into getting out of a mundane job/relationship/town this is the song to scream.

Daft Punk – ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’

Do we really need to explain why we chose this? No track is more hype than ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’.

Which among them is your favorite? We will like to hear from you on the comment section.

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