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Adewale Adeleke Net worth, Biography, Age & Marriage


Jan 29, 2024
Adewale Adeleke Net worth
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Adewale Adeleke is the first son of Nigeria billionaire business mogul Dr. Deji Adeleke, and the elder brother to the famous Nigerian music star Davido. He was born on December 11, 1988 in Atlanta, Making him 36 years old as of this post.

Adewale Adeleke is a popular figure in Nigeria, owing to his father being a well known businessman and his appearance in the Nigerian entertainment industry as a Label boss. Adewale Adeleke is otherwise best known as the chairman of HKM Music.

Adewale Adeleke HKN Records

Adewale Adeleke is a top music producer, and his record label HKN Music, is known to be a family Record label, which is a house to the likes of B-Red, Sina Rambo both of whom are his cousins, signed to the Label. Davido was formally part of the Label before he move to create his own DMW Record Label.

He has a lot of responsibilities, and as the first son of his father, He is in the most suitable position to run his father’s company effectively since he is all about the business and usually the one behind the scene. He is currently the executive director of his father company pacific energy.

Adewale Adeleke Father.

Adedeji Adeleke is a Nigerian billionaire, business mogul, founder and president of Adeleke University. He is also the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited. He is the father of Adewale Adeleke H.K.N Chairman, Davido, a Nigerian musician and Sharon Adeleke.

Dr Deji Adeleke is a billionaire with a current net worth of $700 million as estimated by Forbes. Apart from being one of the most successful businessmen in Nigeria today, he is known to be the richest man in Osun state. His father, Chief Adebayo Adeleke, was said to have drawn the master plan for Banana Island in Lagos which has attracted many foreign investors till date.

Adewale Adeleke Personal Life

In-spite of his father enormous wealth Adewale Adeleke is still a very hard working man, He is the chairman of HKN and the executive director of pacific energy. Adewale Adeleke is currently married, he got married to his wife in 2019.

Adewale Adeleke Net Worth

Adewale Adeleke net worth is estimated at $60 million dollar, Being the chairman of HKN and the executive director of pacific energy.

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