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Unbelievable Pastor Bishop Oyedipo Denied Us Visa.



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This is unbelievable that popular Nigerian pastor Bishop oyedepo has been denied US VIsa.

In a rather shocking news, popular and respected Nigerian Bishop Oyedepo has had his Visa application to the United States of America rejected by the country’s embassy in Lagos.

This apparently caused a drama at the embassy during the week.

According to reports, the embassy did not give any other reason except the standard default explanation that the Bishop did not qualify for visa renewal in its assessment and urged him to try again.

The Bishop is said to have told the embassy he had been travelling to the states as far back as the 1980s and had not violated any rules.

He then sent for his bodyguards to get his phones so he could make some calls, but the embassy reportedly denied him the access to make the call in their premises.

The incident comes amid reports that Nigeria has been added to a new list of countries banned from entering the US under new regime imposed by President Donald Trump.

Details soon..