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The Power of IP from Fortnite to iGaming.



The popularity of live video games

Well known and beloved characters making crossover appearances in other games, TV shows and even advertising is a time-honoured tradition and usually proves incredibly popular. The rush of excitement that you feel when one of your favourite characters pops up in another series that you watch usually puts a smile on your face. The feeling is powerful, like seeing a long lost friend somewhere unexpected, and the connection that you’ve built with this character is something that’s often exploited by other brands for views, to build users or even to sell you something.

Popular Times When TV Has Crossed Over

There are so many examples of this happening, even in children’s TV programmes- Phineas and Ferb were well known for creating crossover episodes. During Cop26 in the UK, some of the prime time TV soap operas also collaborated and had appearances from other TV shows, even across different TV channels in their episodes. Things like this generally get people talking and generate some fresh interest in the TV programmes, so they’re a clever way to get some cross-marketing done.

Superheroes are another type of character that often makes appearances in other TV shows and films. In fact, superheroes are a brand that is well known across the board, perhaps one of the reasons why they also appear on all sorts of merchandising and they’ve appeared in a number of different slot games online too!

By far the most well-known place to find crossovers and big characters featuring is in the Fortnite games. Seasoned players will already know this but, if you’re not aware, Fortnite is split into different seasons and chapters, with each season having a different theme and each chapter featuring different characters within that theme. This makes Fortnite the perfect platform for crossovers and they’ve used this to their full advantage.

Successful Fortnite Crossovers

Fortnite collaborations have been hugely successful, featuring properties like Star Wars and Marvel, and even famous singers like J Balvin. A leaked document from the Epic Games vs Apple trial revealed some of the highest-earning collaborations but sadly didn’t mention any numbers. Marvel was unsurprisingly the highest revenue-generating cross over, closely followed by Star Wars. Some of the other entries in the Top 10 list were more surprising, with Nike in 9th place, Drake in 10th and Marshmello in 5th. This showed the importance of casting a wide net with collaborations in order to attract more players.

Other Industries Well Crossovers Are Successful

One of the more surprising places that we see a lot of character crossovers is in online slot games. Online casinos have a long history of collaborating with different franchises to rebrand their games into something that will attract fans from different genres. Until recently when Disney withdrew usage rights, Marvel was one of the most popular companies to feature in online slot games thanks to their huge following. Cartoons are often seen in slot games too, with one of the most popular being the Rick and Morty series which have a number of slot games that use the cartoon’s universe as a theme.

There are many different reasons why the casino industry would be keen to use well-known characters, but creating a sense of security for its customers will be one of the top ones. When people are taking the plunge to join a casino and bet their hard-earned money they want to feel comfortable doing so. Using well-known characters helps to create a sense of familiarity and this will help encourage punters to feel safe choosing a particular casino to join and spend their money at.

This Approach is Nothing New

Collaborations with well-known characters is nothing new, but the popularity of this practice seems to be ever-increasing, and with good reason. Even though we all know that characters in a film or TV show aren’t real it’s easy to build a rapport with them as you watch them navigate challenges in their own worlds. You feel you know them and you begin to develop trust in this character. With this in mind, if you see a game that includes your favourite character you’re subconsciously going to have more trust in it because your favourite character is endorsing this new game. This is the reason that so many adverts use well-known characters, like Sky using the Minions to advertise their subscription services.

Another factor that comes into play is curiosity – when you’ve built an emotional connection with a character and their universe you’re likely to feel a rush of excitement when you see them appear somewhere new. That excitement is quickly followed by a curiosity to see how the character and their world have been integrated into the game, making you more likely to play.

Clever Marketing

Using intellectual property for advertising or gaming has always been a hugely popular practice because it’s an expensive but relatively easy way to market a newer or less trusted brand to people, meaning that it often pays for itself with the success of the campaign. Marvel is consistently used to market other products and services and proves just how much of an effect this type of marketing can have. However, it isn’t just cartoon characters and computer games that we see this in – if you think about the last TV or online adverts you saw, many of them will feature celebrities endorsing the product that they are advertising. Even the rise of social media influences follows this trend; people like to feel that they are buying a product or using a service that they can trust and has come recommended. By ensuring that the product is advertising by someone that people feel they know or that a service contains well-known faces companies are making an effortless approach to helping potential customers feel safe and secure using their products. It may not be a new approach but it is one that is clever and really works – no wonder using intellectual property across different brands is so popular.

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