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pornstar who become a pastor, now bring hope to the lost and broken hearts



Crystal DiGregorio-Bassette was once a porn star, but is now a redeemed child of God. Crystal unexpectedly became a mother at the age of 16. Because she grew up poor, she wanted to give her son the kind of life she never had. She moved to California and ended up in the adult film industry. An agent discovered her and convinced her to try pornography.

At first, Crystal thought that everything she did was gross and dirty, but she decided to continue because she needed the money. She became well known in “the adult entertainment industry” and before reaching the age of 30, she already owned a house in Malibu, a Ferrari, and a night club.

Despite her luxurious life, Crystal admitted that she wasn’t happy. She had been sexually abused as a child and that horrible experience greatly affected many areas of her life. Because of its enormous impact, Crystal started to seek for male attention which she didn’t receive as a kid.

However, everything changed when Crystal experienced a miraculous event in her life. She was in a car accident, which led her to start reading the Bible and going to church. She finally felt accepted as she discovered what the love of God is all about. Crystal slowly rebuilt her life and became a legal assistant. Her relationship with God grew deeper, and she eventually became a Christian counselor and a pastor.

She now has a vision to reach out to those who are broken giving people the opportunity to express their stories without any judgment or condemnation.

Once Crystal experienced the love of God, she was no longer preoccupied with money and appearance. Her heart and mind have been transformed and she now focuses on helping people.

This is a wonderful testimony that proves that the God we serve is a God of miracles. He can transform anyone’s life just as He did for Crystal. If you think that there’s no hope for you, you are very wrong. God can change everything in your life in a split second. You just have to receive His love for you.