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Jordan Authorities Recomend The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine For Covid_19 Patients.



Jordan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorised physicians to use hydroxychloroquine along with an antiviral medicine as a treatment for COVID-19 in patients in an advanced stage of the disease.

A recent French study has shown hydroxychloroquine, a malaria treatment that has been in use around the world for decades, may be beneficial if taken with an antibiotic for fighting a coronavirus infection.

Dr Hayel Obeidat, the head of Jordan’s FDA, said his organisation authorised the use of hydroxychloroquine on Sunday and established a legal basis for it citing international studies in the United States and Europe

According him, “hydroxychloroquine should only be used as part of a treatment protocol with other antiviral components with doctors’ supervision. It is not a prevention mechanism.”

Obeidat added that the treatment should be for “compassionate use” for patients who are in stage 2 of the disease or suffer serious complications.

please stay safe and comply with any law compel on you by Government to prevent further spread of coronavirus, Take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety through this hard time.

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