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How to make french baguette



What is the difference between baguette and French dough?

In the U.S., the term “French bread” refers to a loaf of a certain shape, i.e., long and thin. The recipe is not defined and ‘French bread‘ can be made with sourdough or even wholemeal or granary. American-style French bread also tends to be longer and wider than a traditional baguette and has rounded ends.

How are baguettes made in France?

According to French law, baguettes must be made with just four ingredients: wheat, water, yeast (starter), and salt. The baguette was likely developed during the nineteenth century, when longer breads and white flour became more popular and both Viennese steam-oven baking and compressed yeast were introduced to Paris.

How do I make my baguette crisp?


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Slice the baguette diagonally into 1/4-inch slices. You should have 20 to 25 slices. Place the slices in 1 layer on a baking sheet.
  3. Bake the toasts for 15 to 20 minutes or until they are crisp and browned. Serve at room temperature.

Why is baguette so hard?

Baguettes are bigger and airier than other breads

But the real reason is actually due to the ingredients (or lack thereof) in baguettes. Bread goes stale when it loses its moisture and, as Our Everyday Life explains, because baguettes have so few ingredients, they dry up much faster.

How do I make French bread crispy?

How do you make French bread crispy? Simply drench your rock-hard baguette in cold water then tightly wrap it in aluminum foil. Next, place the wrapped baguette in the oven (not preheated), then set the temperature to 300F and let is heat for 12 to 15 minutes.

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What makes French bread different?

French bread tends to be longer and narrower. Italian bread loaves tend to be shorter and plumper. French bread tends to be hard and crusty on the outside, with a light and soft crumb. Italian bread can also have a hard crust, but the crumb tends to be denser.

Is French baguette hard?

Everyone talks about how great sliced bread is, but there’s nothing better than the taste of a just-baked loaf of crusty French bread. Like most beautiful things in life, however, the beauty of the baguette doesn’t last. The next day, it’s rock-hard, and good for very little except for croutons or breadcrumbs.

What do you put on a baguette?

With day old baguette, cut into 1” squares and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper (for extra love add garlic, thyme, rosemary, parmesan, red pepper flakes, or any other tasty flavor). Place in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until crunchy and toasted. Add to salads and soups.

What cheese goes with baguette?

For soft rind-washed cheeses, such as Camembert, Brie, or Chaource, a French baguette is the best. It provides a tasty contrast of creamy cheese and crispy baguette. Bleu du Vercors, Fourme d’Ambert, and other blue cheeses go well with rye bread.

What are the most popular sandwich fillings?

Five of the most popular sandwich fillings for everyday occasions:

  • Cheese.
  • Ham and cheese.
  • Ham salad.
  • Sausage.
  • Cheese and onion.
  • Egg mayonnaise.

What are the 5 types of sandwiches?

There are five main types of sandwich here in the States,1 and they’re all dictated by the type of bread used: hard roll sandwiches, soft bun sandwiches, hero sandwiches, sliced bread sandwiches and every other sandwich which doesn’t fit into those other four categories.

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Why do we put butter in sandwiches?

Butter holds the sandwich together making it easier to eat and it stops a moist filling from soaking into the bread. The taste must be the most important reason because butter is also put on open sandwiches which are nor usually held in the hand.

What is the least popular sandwich?

Pulled Pork

But YouGov reports that the absolute bottom belongs to the tomato and cheese sandwich, liked by a mere 27% of respondents.

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How to do amazon returns




How do I return an item to Amazon?

Tap on Your Orders in the app Menu. Tap on the completed order that you need to create a return for. Tap on Order Details. Tap on the Return button under the Shipment Details section to create a return for the item.

Where can I return my Amazon order?

You can return most items purchased at an Amazon Physical store for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. In addition, eligible items purchased on can be returned at a participating physical store location. To determine your return options for purchases, use our Online Return Center.

What is the easiest way to return Amazon items?

Just go to Your Orders and select the item you wish to return. Tell us why you want to return this item, then choose a drop-off location that supports label-free, box-free returns. We’ll send you a QR code; bring your code and item to the drop-off location, and you’re done.

Are returns on Amazon free?

Your return shipment is free of charge in some cases. If you return an item using the return label provided in the Returns Center and the reason for return isn’t a result of an error, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Why do I have to pay for Amazon return?

Returns Costs & Methods

If your return is not the result of an Amazon error, and you‘re using a pre-paid return label, we’ll deduct the cost of the return from your refund. For returns from within the UK, costs start at £3.99. Please note that returns that contain multiple items, or large items, may cost more.

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Are Amazon returns free at Kohl’s?

Thankfully 1,100+ Kohl’s stores (excluding Anchorage, Alaska) can accept and process your Amazon return for free.

Can I return an Amazon item to Kohls?

Amazon Returns are now accepted at all Kohl’s stores (excluding Anchorage, Alaska). Return eligible items to Kohl’s stores and save yourself time and money.

Why can’t I return my Amazon order?

The are some items that you can’t return to or can only return to a third-party seller. Items classified as hazardous materials or that use flammable liquids or gases (contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information) Any product missing the serial number or UPC.

Can I drop off Amazon returns at UPS?

Kohl’s and the UPS Store Will Pack and Ship Your Amazon Returns for Free. If you opened a package from Amazon and didn’t love it, just drop it off at UPS or Kohl’s to have it returned. That’s it. You don’t need to worry about finding the original box, repackaging it, or printing out any special labels.

What happens if UPS loses my Amazon return?

As long as you go into that UPS store and get the receipt saying you dropped it off, Amazon will have your back. If you want to return something on your own dime, you’re free to use a service of your choosing.

How long do Amazon returns through ups take?

But even though Amazon will issue the refund as soon as UPS takes possession of your return package, it still could take another three to five business days to show up in your account. Whichever way you go, though, you’ll still need to decide exactly how you want to send the item back.

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How do I contact Amazon about a lost return?

To request a refund:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Locate the order.
  3. Select Problem with order.
  4. Select your problem from the list.
  5. Select Request refund.
  6. Enter your comments in the text box.
  7. Select Submit.

How do I track a return from UPS to Amazon?

To track your return:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Next to the order, select Order Details.
  3. Select Track package.

Why does Amazon refund without return?

What Is Amazon’s Refund Policy Without Return? The company’s Conditions of Use states that Amazon doesn’t take title to returned items until it arrives at their fulfillment center. A refund could be granted without needing a return, but this is decided solely at Amazon’s discretion.

Can you change Amazon return method?

If you need to change a return request, or you no longer want to return the item, you can cancel your return. A text box will pop up to confirm you want to cancel the return, select Cancel this return.

Can I return items without packaging?

You may ask consumers to return goods with the original packaging, but you cannot insist on this.” That seems pretty clear – you can‘t insist on returns with original packaging, but you can certainly ask nicely.

How do I return something on Amazon without replacement?

Non-Returnable: Select items labelled as non-returnable on the product detail page are not eligible for returns. This item is eligible for free replacement, within 10 days of delivery, in an unlikely event of damaged, defective or different item delivered to you.

How do I return an item?

Return an item purchased in-store directly to the store in which it was purchased. Choose to return an item purchased online to the store or through the online shipping method. Returning an online item to the store will reduce wait times for your refund or exchange. Replace the item in its original packaging.

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How do I return an Amazon app?

Choose the order and select Return or Replace Items. Select the item you want to return, and select an option from the Reason for return menu. Choose how to process your return. If applicable, select to issue a refund or replacement.

Can I return Amazon items and get my money back?

For Fulfilled by Amazon and Prime Eligible items, return shipping costs of upto Rs. 100 will be refunded. If you’re returning a Seller-Fulfilled item, you can request the seller to reimburse the return shipping charges you incurred. In such cases, a seller might ask you to provide the courier receipt.

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How do you add variety on pandora




How do I add variety to Pandora 2020?

To add or remove variety (station seeds): Go to the Station Created From section where you can search for an artist or song to add as variety to your station. To remove variety, hover over the artist or song, then click on the elipses and Delete.

How do I add variety to Pandora 2021?

From the station’s backstage page, tap on the Edit icon (the small pencil to the left of the play icon) to edit your station, and scroll down to Station Created From. 4. Use the + Add Variety button to search for an artist or track to add as a seed on your station.

How do I add variety to Pandora on Sonos?

Create New Stations from Sonos

To create a new Pandora station from your Sonos app, tap the ellipses (…)next to the My Stations header. Here you’ll see options to select New Station or Edit Stations. You can also create new stations, edit current stations and control your Sonos device directly from your Pandora app.

Why doesn’t Pandora shuffle all my stations?

Pandora Premium subscribers will need to filter My Collection further by Stations. Then tap the Pencil to the right of Shuffle stations.

How do I play my collections on Pandora?

Navigate My Collection

From the Now Playing screen, tap the back arrow to return to My Collection. Filter your Added content by tapping the downward arrow (or “carat”) which appears below the album art. This will allow you to view your collection by Artists, Albums, Songs, Stations, Playlists or Podcasts.

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What is the difference between Pandora Plus and Pandora premium?

Pandora Plus is $4.99/month or $54.89/year. Pandora Premium includes all the benefits of Pandora Plus, but also offers unlimited offline listening and the ability to search and play songs on-demand. … Pandora Premium is $9.99/month or $109.89/year (when purchased directly from Pandora).

How do I shuffle Pandora stations on my TV?

To Shuffle from the My Collection page: Go to My Collection, sort the collection by Stations and select Shuffle Stations.

How do I shuffle my playlist on Pandora?

Go to the Now Playing screen and select the icon with intersecting arrows on the bottom of the screen to turn Shuffle on or off. When the shuffle icon is highlighted, it will shuffle all the songs from that album or playlist.

How do you add stations to Pandora?

Tap the “Create Station” button in the bottom left corner, then type the name of an artist or song in the text field and tap “Enter.” Pandora creates a new station based on your selection.

Can you shuffle on Pandora premium?

Premium subscribers have more flexibility with their shuffle options and can shuffle songs as well as the content on playlists or stations. All users can edit which stations play under Shuffle from our website. Free Pandora listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers can edit their Shuffle from their mobile devices.

How do I add variety to Pandora on iPhone?

From the station’s backstage page, tap on the Edit icon (the small pencil to the left of the play button) to edit your station, and scroll down. To add variety, scroll down to Station Created From and tap the + Add Variety button.

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What happened to my Pandora stations?

If a listener logged into their account, the stations would be missing. You can view the updated / resolved thread here. Restoring Deleted Stations: You can restore stations that were deleted by creating a station based on the artist / song seed (that was deleted).

How do I find my stations on Pandora?

The Now Playing screen is easily opened by tapping the title of the currently playing song at the bottom of your screen. The name of your station should be displayed at the top of the Now Playing screen. Tap the button underneath it that reads My Station to view any other available listening modes.

How do you save stations on Pandora?

If you’re a Pandora Premium subscriber, you have the added have ability to download tracks, albums, stations, and playlists. To do so, simply tap on the download icon to the left of the play/pause button within a station’s page. To save individual songs, first tap on the music bar to reveal the song’s information card.

Why did my thumbs up playlist on Pandora disappear?

As long as you are logged into your Pandora Premium account on your phone, your My Thumbs Up Playlist should show. … Sometimes, it may help to sign out of Pandora, and then sign back in using the email address associated with your upgraded account.

How do I find deleted songs on Pandora?

If you accidentally deleted one of your customized playlists, there isn’t currently a way to restore it on your end. Playlists can only be restored by Pandora Support at this time.

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Where is the thumbs up playlist on Pandora?

Experience the My Thumbs Up playlist

My Thumbs Up playlists will only play the songs you have Thumbed Up. To listen to this playlist, go to My Collection, filter by Playlists and select My Thumbs Up.

Why can’t i thumbs up on Pandora?

Your thumb feedback is station-specific, and you won’t be able to use them for any given album. Stations on Pandora Premium are guided by thumb feedback or added seeds, like Pandora and Pandora Plus stations. … Your thumb feedback is station-specific, and you won’t be able to use them for any given album.

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How to become a watchmaker




How much money do watchmakers make?

The national average salary for a Watchmaker is $55,620 in United States. Filter by location to see Watchmaker salaries in your area.

How much does watchmaking school cost?

The average tuition & fees of the Watchmaking and Jewelrymaking program at the schools is $16,258 for the academic year 2020-2021.

What is Watchmaking and Jewelrymaking Career?

Tuition & Fees$16,258
Length of Program43 Contact Hours
Completion Time9.33 Months

Are watchmakers in demand?

The demand for watchmaking is really high right now, since the average age of a watchmaker is about 47. There are about 4000 watchmakers in the U.S. and about half are expected to retire in the next 10 years.

How long does it take to become a horologist?

For students wishing to pursue a Certificate in watchmaking, The Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas offer a 45-credit hour Certificate of Horology Technology in as little as sixteen months and a 36-credit hour Certificate of Fine Watchmaking which can be accomplished in as little as twelve months.

Is Rolex high horology?

Rolex is a luxury brand, not a high horology brand. It is perhaps the top of the luxury market, well above competitors like Omega and IWC. It’s products are known for extremely high quality, and its movements are accurate and durable.

How long is watchmaking school?

Watchmaking school can vary in terms of time. Average time is about 2-4 years. Watchmaking school will teach you about 60% of the fundamental stuff you’ll need as a watchmaker. You’ll need another 5-10 years of on the job training for 35% of the stuff watchmaking school doesn’t teach you.

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Is being a watchmaker hard?

Becoming a Watchmaker

Most certainly not a job just anyone can do, it requires both a very specific list of personal attributes as well as a huge amount of training. Obviously, the first and most important characteristic you should possess is a passion for timepieces.

How much does Rolex make a year?

With annual sales estimated at $5 billion to $8 billion, Rolex is king of the Swiss watch industry, with the crown trademark to prove it.

How much does a luxury watchmaker make?

On average, a watchmaker makes between $36,000 and $53,000 a year; top earning professional watchmakers can take home $62,500 to $100,000.

How much do Rolex watchmakers make?

How much does a Watchmaker at Rolex make? Watchmaker salaries at Rolex can range from $4,777-$5,218.

How much do watchmakers make in Switzerland?

An entry level watchmaker (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of CHF 50’827. On the other end, a senior level watchmaker (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of CHF 84’360.

How many watchmakers are there in Switzerland?

When it comes to value, Switzerland is the world’s largest exporter of watches, with Geneva and Jura Arc home to the majority of the country’s 700 watch manufacturers.

How many watches does Patek make a year?

Patek Philippe SA

Key peoplePhilippe Stern (Honorary President) Thierry Stern (President) Claude Peny (CEO)
ProductsWatches, clocks
Production output62,000 (2018)
RevenueUS$1.49 billion (2019)

What percentage of watches are made in Switzerland?

Growth has defined the Swiss watch industry over the past two decades and the country holds a unique position within the luxury segment of the industry. An estimated 95% of all watches retailing at over CHF10,000 are produced in Switzerland.

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How can you tell if a watch is Swiss Made?

A watch movement is considered Swiss if:

  • the movement has been assembled in Switzerland and,
  • the movement has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and;
  • the components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.

How much does a Swiss watch cost?

A new, brand-name Swiss watch with a mechanical movement can cost as little as 1,000 euros. You can find watches from manufacturers such as Chronoswiss, Maurice Lacroix, Oris, and Raymond Weil in this price range. Some series from these manufacturers are more expensive, however.

Is Rolex cheaper in Switzerland?

– The INITIAL cost of a Rolex is SLIGHTLY Cheaper in Switzerland than in Scandinavia. – The VAT refund in Scandinavian countries is BY FAR more generous than that of Switzerland’s, resulting in Scandinavia being “CHEAPER than Switzerland to purchase a NEW Rolex.”

Why Are Rolex So Expensive?

Buy Rolex Watches

The in-house development costs that go into the craftsmanship and design of their watches are said to be very high. It costs a lot to have the movement designs developed and assembled. And besides that, the materials that make up the construction of Rolex watches aren’t cheap either.

Is Tissot a luxury brand?

Tissot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland. Tissot was founded in 1853. Since 1983, Tissot belongs to the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group (Longines, Breguet, Blancpain, Omega).

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