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How to change your AOL password or reset it if you’ve forgotten it



You can change your AOL password from the “Account Security” section of your account page.

  • If you’ve forgotten your AOL password, you can change it by selecting the “Forgot password?” option on the sign-in page.
  • You should protect your AOL account with a strong, unique password.

Like any internet account, you should give your AOL account a strong password. But no matter how strong your password is, you should try to change the password from time to time.

This is especially important if you think your account has been hacked or compromised in some way.

There are two ways to change your AOL password. Luckily, you can do either using any internet browser on your Mac or PC. Here’s how.

1. Open a browser and go to . If you’re not already logged into your AOL account, sign in now.

2. Click your profile picture in the top-right of the web page. You’ll be brought to your account page.

3. In the navigation pane on the left, click “Account Security.”

4. Click “Change password.

5. Enter the new password you want to use, and then enter it again to confirm you typed it correctly. You can click “Show password” if that makes it easier to type. When you’re done, click “Continue.”

Your new password will be saved.

1. Open a browser and go to . On the Sign in page, enter your username and click “Next.”

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2. On the page to enter your password, click “Forgot password?”

3. Follow the instructions to reset your password. The process will vary depending upon what kind of security method you’ve set up. For example, AOL might send a one-time verification code to your email address. After you enter the code, you’ll be given the option to change your password.

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How to make starbucks cake pops




What are the ingredients in Starbucks cake pops?

Chocolate cake mixed with chocolate butter cream, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with sugar sprinkles.

Are Starbucks cake pops raw?

lol they’re definitely cooked. That’s how all cake pops are! Like the others said, it’s normally just cake and icing mixed together.

How much is a cake pop at Starbucks cost?

Starbucks Menu Prices

Edamame Hummus Wrap (Limited Time)$5.95
Thai-Style Peanut Chicken Wrap (Limited Time)$5.95
Salted Caramel or Birthday Cake Pop$1.95
Salted Caramel or Birthday Cake Pop2 Pc.$3.50

Are Starbucks cake pops bad for you?

When consumed in moderation, monocalcium phosphate is nothing to worry about. However, an excessive amount of phosphates in the diet, particularly when contained in processed foods like Starbucks cake pops, can accelerate the aging process, increase the risk of heart disease and place undue stress on the kidneys.

Why are Starbucks cake pops so expensive?

Cake pops are cheap in terms of ingredients, but expensive in terms of labor to make them. Bakeries make them out of leftover cake which otherwise would be thrown away, so they should be cheap.

How much should I charge for cake pops?

On average, most home bakers will sell their cake pops for between $1.50-$2.50 per pop. For custom orders, most people will require a minimum order of one dozen. They will generally charge between $18-30 per dozen.

Should you Refrigerate cake pops?

Refrigeration is not typically required for cake balls (unless you are using a perishable frosting). Refrigerating your cake balls/pops can cause condensation on the coating and this moisture will cause the coating to become sticky. Store them in a cool, dry place and they should be fine!

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How many days in advance can you make cake pops?

Make Ahead Instructions: I always make the cake 1 day ahead of time. Cover and keep at room temperature. You can store the undipped cake balls in the refrigerator for up to 2 days or freeze them for up to 6 weeks.

How long can you keep cake pops at room temperature?

Cake pops stay fresh at room temperature up to 2 weeks. In the fridge, they will stay fresh for 3 weeks.

Can I Refrigerate cake pops overnight before dipping?

The freshly rolled cake pops should stay in the refrigerator for at least two hours before you dip them in melted almond bark or candy melts. This refrigeration time will ensure they are firm enough to keep their shape during the dipping and drying process. After two hours, melt a small amount of the coating.

Can Cake Pops be left out?

Storing Cake Pops at Room Temperature

After you have made your cake pops completely, dipping and decorating them to perfection, you can simply leave them at room temperature for 1-2 days. Be sure to keep the dipped cake pops out of the sunlight or high heat where the chocolate has the potential to melt.

What can I use instead of candy melts for cake pops?

The only substitute for candy melts would be chocolate. If you set out to make cake balls without candy melts, you will need to mix 1 tbsp vegetable oil for every 1 cup of chocolate chips.

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What channel is the fight on spectrum




Can I watch the fight on spectrum?

Pay-Per-View allows Spectrum TV customers to watch the latest hit movies and live events, including championship boxing, wrestling, concerts and professional sports, for an additional charge.

How do I order the fight on spectrum?

Register Your Order with Spectrum Customer Service

If you find it difficult to order PPV using your TV remote, you can simply call Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918 and they’ll guide you through the process. Note, once you place the order, you will be asked for your 4-digit Purchase PIN to process the order.

What channel is ESPN on for Spectrum?

channel 39

You can watch ESPN on channel 39 in NC on Spectrum. You can also enjoy other ESPN channels including, ESPN2 on channel 68, ESPN Deportes on channel 440, ESPNews on channel 302, and ESPNU on channel 370.

What channel is Showtime boxing on spectrum?

If you are in California, tune into channel # 551 to start watching.

How much is the Tyson fight on Spectrum?

The event will be available on pay-per-view for $74.99 on Showtime. Cable providers include Cox, DirecTV, Dish, Optimum, AT&T U-verse, Xfinity, Verizon, Fios and Spectrum.

Can you watch the Conor Mcgregor fight on Spectrum?

Live Events

Note: Please note that UFC events are no longer available through Spectrum Pay-Per-View, and are currently only available to stream through ESPN+. … You can usually order through your remote and, when you order a PPV movie, you can watch it as many times as you want within a 24-hour period.

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Is ESPN Plus on Spectrum?

Available Content. Note: Access to ESPN+ content is not included for Spectrum TV customers, although you may see ESPN+ videos promoted in various areas on the app. For more information about how to watch ESPN+ programming, visit ESPN’s website.

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How to do cute hairstyles




How do you do easy hairstyles fast?

How do you make cute hairstyles for short hair?

How do you style short hair for beginners?

How do I style short hair?

Start by French braiding your hair at the nape of your neck all the way up to the crown of your head and secure with bobby pins. Then, deeply part the front and take the section of hair to the left of your part, braid it, and wrap the loose ends in a pin curl, bobby-pinning them into place.

How do you tease short hair with layers?

How do I backcomb my hair to my height?

How do you tease a girl over text?

5 Ways to Inject Sexual Tension Into Your Text Conversations

  1. Tease Her. When most people think of “teasing”, they think of “making fun of” the woman.
  2. Use Innuendos. Innuendos are words or phrases that can have double meanings.
  3. Build Anticipation Before the Date.
  4. Push/Pull.
  5. Blame the Escalation On Her.

How can I Untease my hair?

Does Backcombing damage your hair?

Teasing or backcombing goes against the direction of the cuticle cells, so the action can create damaged hair or completely strip cuticle cells from the hair fibre . Rather than creating lift and volume through this damaging practice, hairstyling products can be a much less damaging alternative to backcombing.

How do I Backcomb my fine hair?

Is it bad to tease curly hair?

Answer. There are some things you should never do with textured hair and backcombing, or teasing, is one of them. This technique is often used on naturally straight hair to provide volume at the crown, but it is not ideal for curly and especially Type 4 hair because it can cause matting and damage the cuticle.

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Does combing backwards cause baldness?

Yes, that’s right: Something you’re doing in an attempt to make your hair look better could actually be making it much, much worse. Excessive combing or brushing strains your scalp, which can cause breakage and hair loss, so Allyson recommends brushing only once in the morning and once at night.

Is it OK to comb wet hair?

Never brush your hair when it’s wet

“Always brush hair out dry before shampooing and conditioning because brushing knots out of wet hair can lead to major breakage,” explains Patterson. What’s more: Try using a Tangle Teezer or a wide-tooth comb, both of which are gentler on frail strands.

Is it better to comb hair forward or backward?

The easiest trick in detecting your hair’s natural part is the Forward and Back method. White says to comb your fingers backwards in your hair and then move it left to right. “Your hair will fall in the direction that it grows in. When that happens, you know that that’s the way you should go.”

How much hair do you lose when combing?

“The average person who is brushing or combing their hair every day—and this part is important—should lose between 50 and 100 strands.

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