Gifts You Can Get on Amazon: 21 Gifts From $10 to $200

Gifts You Can Get on Amazon: Still not sure what gift to get your loved ones? We’ve got you covered for gifts priced up to $200.

Trying to find a last-minute gift can be daunting. Luckily, Amazon makes it quick and easy to check off everyone on your list, and if you have a Prime membership, a lot of gift options will still arrive on time before the holidays.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Amazon gifts that are still in stock and available for delivery before Christmas. Whether you’re looking to spend $25 or $200, there are still a lot of great gift ideas out there to choose from. 

Note that all of these items are currently showing a delivery date before Christmas according to our local ZIP codes, but shipping estimates vary depending on your location, so be sure to check the delivery date before checking out.

Gift ideas under $25

Gifts in this price range are perfect stocking stuffers or a fun Secret Santa gift for your co-workers. My kids love to get these kinds of presents as they like lots of small fun things, rather than one big expensive present.


Forbidden Island

The gift of cooperation

Family game night is often fraught with arguments. When you pit father against daughter and mother against son, things can go awry in the worst way. Forbidden Island is a cooperative game that removes that friction and transforms game night into an “us versus the game” situation. You all work together to escape a sinking island with as much treasure as you can grab. It’s a lot of fun and brings families together instead of tearing them apart.

$20 at Amazon

Kitchen Gizmo

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain pot strainer

The gift of cooking

We’ve all tried to balance a pot lid so that it’s open just enough to pour water or oil through but not enough to let the food fall out. Sometimes it works; often it doesn’t. This cool little gadget makes that entire process easier by clipping to the edge of your pan and acting like a colander to strain off liquid without losing your delicious food.

$23 at Amazon


Echo Dot 4th-gen hanger

The gift of space

The Echo Dot is in just about every home in America, right? You can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing two or three of them scattered around on people’s desks or kitchen counters. They can be difficult to place though, as we all only have so much counter space.

I use this hanger to hang the Echo Dot from an outlet, and it helps to declutter, especially as the cords and charging block fit neatly inside the hanger too.

$5 at Amazon

Wizards of the Coast

D&D Starter Kit: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

The gift of imagination

I’m an avid tabletop gamer and I love giving these starter kits out to friends and family. So many people want to learn about Dungeons & Dragons but don’t know where to begin. This box has everything you need to start your first adventure. 

Imagination is the key to a good D&D campaign, but you also need rules and dice. This set gives you both.

Note: This item is currently showing an Amazon delivery date after Christmas, but you can still get it on time if you order it from Target.

$20 at Walmart$20 at Amazon$20 at Target


25-piece drawer organizer set

The gift of organization

This is one of the many cases of “TikTok made me buy it” that you will see while looking for gifts this year. We ended up buying several sets of these to organize everything from our pantry to our bathroom drawers. These kinds of organizers aren’t the first thing people think of to buy themselves, which makes them a great gift.

$53 at Walmart$26 at Amazon

Lark & Clam

Codenames Undercover

The gift of giggles

Codenames is a great family game that pits two teams against each other to guess words based on your team’s single-word description. This version, however, is a little more risque than the ones you might have seen, so it’s a great gift for a couple in your life who likes to laugh at naughty words. If you have adult game nights, then this is the game for you.

$22 at Amazon


Newlam Kalimba thumb piano

The gift of music

My son loves to play the piano, but it isn’t the easiest thing to carry around. This fun little Kalimba lets him plink away at something that offers a small but beautiful sound when we are out and about and the urge to be musical strikes him.

$30 at Amazon

Gift ideas under $50

This price point is similar to the “under $25” category in that these are gifts you can buy more than one of. However, when you venture into the “under $50” realm, they’re more likely to be useful or have a better quality than the cheaper products on this list.

Exotic Club

Japanese KitKat variety pack

The gift of a taste sensation

Did you know that KitKats in other countries taste very different from American KitKats? It’s true, and Japan takes it to a whole new level with tons of different flavors. This variety pack may seem a little pricey for candy bars, but trust me, if you have a chocolate lover in your life, they will appreciate this as a gift.

$38 at Amazon

James Bricknell/CNET

CMY Cube 50mm

The gift of color

Seeing the CMY cube in person for the first time is almost magical. On the surface, it’s a glass cube with the colors of cyan, magenta and yellow — hence the name CMY Cube — but as you spin it around the colors mix, showing you more colors in the spectrum. 

I’m sure there are a lot of benefits to this when it comes to teaching color theory, and I know that it can help stimulate children with learning difficulties, but my main reason for giving this as a gift is the sheer joy of it. It’s a simple cube that fires my imagination and I love it.

$24 at Amazon


Compact stainless steel wine opener

The gift of speed

Opening wine bottles can be a slow and tedious process. Many people, my wife included, still use the old twist corkscrew to open bottles and invariably get some cork in the wine. With this kind of opener though, that kind of issue is removed and the speed at which you can remove a cork is increased by a huge amount. It looks really clean too with that stainless steel and black finish. I ended up buying one for my wife and she likes it enough to want to use it more often.

$55 at Amazon


Rechargeable music rhythm light

The gift of rhythm

While TikTok trends can be hit and miss, these little rhythm sticks are a straight hit. I bought this eight-pack and divvied them up among my kids — don’t worry, I kept two for me — and now each of us has a fun set of lights that bounce to the music. They even make Zoom calls more fun as they bounce when people talk.

$38 at Amazon


Anker Nano II 45W

The gift of charging

Over the last few years, phone manufacturers haven’t included charging bricks with new phone purchases. It makes sense, but it means that people are using old chargers that are slow compared with the max charge rate their phone is capable of. 

Make sure your loved ones have a power brick worthy of the latest and greatest device with this fast charger from Anker. It’s way faster than almost any manufacturer standard one.

$50 at Walmart$49 at Amazon


Sunyrisy chunky knit throw blanket

The gift of comfort

My wife loves a chunky knit throw. She says it’s the perfect balance between warm and cozy and lightweight. It looks great, and I would suggest getting one that pops with color so it stands out from your decor. This is the perfect Christmas gift as the days grow cold and you want to snuggle up with cocoa.

$44 at Amazon


Jabra Elite 3

The gift of audio

The Jabra Elite 3 headphones are Jabra’s most affordable true-wireless earbuds to date and have a fairly basic feature set, though they offer strong sound and call quality for the money. They have 6mm drivers, four microphones for calls and Jabra’s HearThrough transparency mode. Qualcomm aptX HD audio is supported for aptX-enabled devices.

Battery life is rated at up to seven hours on a single charge at moderate volume levels, with the case storing an extra three full charges (28 hours total). They have an IP55 water-resistance rating, which means they can take a sustained spray of water and are also dust-resistant. As with a lot of other new buds, you can use either bud independently in a mono mode. 

While they don’t have such extras as active noise canceling, the Elite 3 earbuds offer solid performance and a comfortable fit for a reasonable price.

$59 at Amazon$80 at Best Buy$50 at Target

Gift ideas under $100

These gifts are a little more expensive but still affordable enough to buy one or two for someone you care about. I like getting these kinds of gifts for my best friend or as additions to my wife’s main gift.


Timbuk2 Classic messenger bag

The gift of style

Most of us travel with a laptop these days, so having a good bag is important. The Timbuk2 messenger bag is an excellent size for any laptop and has adjustable straps that let the bag expand to fit more in. It has little mesh pockets inside for keeping your bottles upright and a hard divider to keep your laptop more secure.

It looks really fancy and uses recycled materials in its production. So you look good and help reduce waste. Awesome.

$99 at Amazon


Govee smart light bars

The gift of light

These smart lights from Govee are an upgrade to the lights further down the list. They add an ambient light behind your TV or gaming rig and can move to the music. And with the Govee app, you can select the color and brightness you want. 

Govee has managed to build a strong reputation for delivering excellent quality products on a budget, and these lights show why. They feel a lot more expensive than they are.

$60 at Amazon


Clorox tabletop air purifier

The gift of breath

I know air purifiers might not be the most glamorous present, but they’re one of those gadgets you don’t know you need until you have one. This little tabletop version is small enough to not be intrusive but large enough to filter a good-size room twice an hour. It can remove animal dander and can significantly reduce mold spores, viruses and bacteria in the air. 

If you know someone who works from home in a stuffy office all day, this little device can make them feel a lot better.

$100 at Amazon


Victrola Vintage Bluetooth portable suitcase record player

The gift of retro music

Vinyl records never really go out of fashion as they give an audio experience that’s hard to match in today’s digital age. Victrola makes a line of budget-friendly vinyl players that keep that retro feel while adding in some modern smarts like Bluetooth connectivity. While the onboard sound is only average, the outputs let you connect it to a proper set of speakers that offer a rich and enjoyable sound.

My wife bought me this Union Flag version, as she knows how much I love my homeland. It also looks awesome on my shelf of things I love.

$47 at Amazon

Gift ideas under $200

These are more extravagant presents that you would buy someone you care about as their main gift. If you’re buying for your significant other, you could buy something from this list, along with one or two from the list above to round out their experience.


Silonn ice maker

The gift of coolness

I think we can all agree that ice-cold drinks are delicious. This little ice maker is incredibly easy to operate, and because it doesn’t tap directly into your water line, you can put it anywhere. All you have to do is fill it with bottled or filtered water and it will make delicious clear ice, in two different sizes no less, whenever you need it.

$90 at Amazon

Ticwatch E3

The gift of time

The Ticwatch E3 is a lot like plenty of other Android watches. It tells the time of course, but it also tests your heart rate and tracks your steps. It can even help you track your sleep to help you better understand what makes you wake up. One of the best things about the Ticwatch, though, is its battery-saving mode. When it gets low, it turns off a lot of the extraneous software and just runs as a normal watch until you can charge it again. This extends its usability past one day, which I love.

Buy this for a loved one who wants to have a smartwatch but is often forgetful of charging devices!

$200 at Amazon

The gift of beauty

While my partner loves having fancy earrings for going out, she also likes to have a nice set for day-to-day wear. These subtle studs are beautiful but understated and can be worn all day without looking over-the-top or gaudy.

I bought them for her birthday last year, and she’s worn them every day since. That’s a win in my book.

Gifts You Can Get on Amazon: 21 Gifts From $10 to $200

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