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Female Billionaires You Need to Know About



Female Billionaires You Need to Know About

All across the world, women are taking a bigger role as business leaders and heads of industry. For anyone that has their own business aspirations, it’s always wise to look at the path others have laid and follow their model.

Top Female Billionaires You Need to Know About

There are many women around the world that have reached for the stars and become fabulously wealthy in the process. Here are four self-made billionaires that you should know about.

Denise Coates 

Denise Coates is the founder, CEO, and current majority shareholder of the Bet365 online sports betting empire. Since 2001 the company has built their reputation around a sleek platform that is loaded with features, as well as a long list of sporting events to wager on. When we refer to Bet365 sportsbook reviews, we can see that they generally receive very positive ratings. This shows that even after two decades, they still pay attention to the current marketplace and the needs of the clients. 

Female Billionaires You Need to Know About

Coates’ career in sports began from an early age. As the daughter of Stoke City F.C. chairman Peter Coates, professional sports has always been a part of her life. She was also involved in the sports betting business for some time before starting her own endeavours. Her family owned Provincial Racing, a sports betting business where she worked for many years learning the ins and outs of the industry.

This imbued her with all of the knowledge and skills she would need to bring sports betting online in 2001 when she launched her own company. As of today, she is one of the richest women in Britain with an estimated net worth of $10.2 billion dollars.  

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Wolfe Herd is the founder of the wildly successful female-oriented dating platform Bumble. In 2021, she was named the world’s youngest self made billionaire after taking the company public.

Her story began a decade prior to this when she joined Hatch Labs, the startup incubator responsible for the immensely successful Tinder app. Wolfe Herd would eventually become the vice president of marketing for Tinder, and is credited with naming the app as well as many other popular features. 

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After resigning from the company in 2014, Wolfe Herd would formulate a new concept for a dating app which would give more power to the women with a unique messaging system.

By 2017, the app Bumble reportedly had over 22 million registered users. After going public in early 2021, Bumble was valued at $13 billion, bringing Wolfe Herd’s estimated net worth to $1.5 billion.

Female Billionaires to know about

Female Billionaires You Need to Know About

Diane Hendricks

Instead of web platforms or mobile apps, Diane Hendricks became a billionaire in a very blue collar fashion. Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, Hendricks was no stranger to hard work and understood the values of the average tradesman. In 1982, she built the company ABC Supply, selling roofing supplies and all manners of fixtures like gutters, windows, and siding. 

Fast forward to 2021 and this same company has brought her personal net worth to an astounding $8 billion making her the richest self-made woman in the US. ABC Supply has become the largest distributor for roofing supplies in the country, and returns over $7 billion in sales every year. Since the 1980s, they have opened over 700 locations. 

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling considered herself to be living in poverty while she was focusing 100% on her dream. For years she had been piecing together the details for her young-adult fiction series surrounding a young wizard in training. This series would eventually become the worldwide phenomenon known as Harry Potter. 

No one could have anticipated the enormous success that the Harry Potter franchise would enjoy. Rowling has written numerous books in the main series of novels, and the franchise now extends to eight major blockbuster films as well, with even more coming in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spinoffs. When you factor in all of this, the merchandise, and her constant flow of royalties checks, Rowling has been a billionaire for some time, though estimates regarding her true net worth vary.

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