Two Best Spy App in 2021

There is a number of spy app services that are available to parents and employers for the monitoring and tracking of kids, but the best two of them are TheOneSpy and OgyMogy.

TheOneSpy and its Key features

TheOneSpy and its Key features

TheOneSpy has started offering services in 2011 and is serving thousands of its customers right now. It has four monitoring solutions to serve the parents and employers.

These are Windows monitoring software, Mac monitoring software, iPhone spy app, Mobile tracker, and Android spy app. The app takes up all the needs of parents and employers in spying on the kids and employees.

Let’s discuss salient features of TheOneSpy phone and computer monitoring facilities.

Location tracking using the target phone

The employers and parents can identify the location of the target user using the phone’s location.

It allows the parent to protect the kids from all kinds of harm. Using this feature, the parent remains aware of all the movement of the child. The movement of the child gets recorded in the form of a log and presented to the parent when demanded.

This adds to the security of the child as well. If the child is not getting in connection with the parent, the parent can reach out to the kid using his phone location.

The feature serves in the same way in protecting the employee from the threats and harms.

Restricting the movement to certain premises

The child’s movement can be restricted to certain premises using TheOneSpy. The app enables the parent to mark allowed and forbidden geo-movement zones for the child.

The areas where crime rates are high can be added to forbidden zones. Every time the child goes out of the allowed zone, the app immediately notifies the parent about the activity to take necessary action.

The employee’s movement can also be restricted to limited localities. For instance, the employee can be restricted from visiting the competitor’s place.

Phone call recording and listening

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls over the phone of the child and employee can be tracked in real-time.

These calls can be listened to in real-time. TheOneSpy allows recording all these phone calls and using them later if the end-user is not available to monitor right away.

Capturing screenshots

The software allows capturing screenshots of the target device’s screen. The screenshots are captured at different time intervals as defined by the end-user.

This allows knowing about the pattern of activities of the target user at random time intervals and provides fair insights into the real-time whereabouts of the target user.

Surround recording to know about the surroundings

This feature is available for computers as well as phones. It bugs the mic or front or back camera of the respective target device to know about what is happening around the child or employee at a certain point in time.

Remote screen recording

The app remotely records the screen of the target device in real-time. It allows the parent and employer to know what is currently happening on the phone or computer screen of the kid or employee.

Website blocking feature

This feature allows blocking a specific number of websites that are not suitable to visit by the kid or employee.

The employee can be restricted to access websites that are prone to have the presence of cybercriminals. These criminals try to get into the business devices to steal confidential information and data.

On the other hand, a kid can be restricted to access a number of websites that contain inappropriate or sexually explicit content. This feature of the spy app earns a great deal to the employer and parent.

Tracking internal storage

The entire internal storage of the phone and computer can be tracked using the spy app. This allows the parent and employer to view all the multimedia, contacts, appointments, calendars, and other related stuff.


OgyMogy and its Key features

Besides, there is another service known as OgyMogy. It is primarily aimed at monitoring kids and providing digital parenting solutions. But the app also furnishes employee monitoring features and functionalities as well.

It was found in 2014 and achieving milestones in the spying domain for a long. The app has an Android spy app, Windows monitoring software, and Mac monitoring software.

Surround recording negates workplace sexual harassment

If a certain female employee accuses a male co-worker of harassment. The employer can view the real-time surroundings at a specific point of time defined by the female employee.

So, providing a fair review of the workplace activities in real-time.

Geo-fencing the movement

This feature locks the movement of the target user to certain premises. If the employee or kid moves outside, a notification is sent to the end-user defining the respective activity.

Productive and unproductive tabs

This feature allows the employer to allocate productive and unproductive tabs. This way, the app generates a log of all the time spent doing productive and unproductive activities.

Other features include mighty alarms, keylogger, screen recording, etc.

Keylogger feature of spy app

The keylogger feature of the spy app allows identifying the password of all the installed apps on the target device. This way, the employer and the parent remain aware of all the activities of the target user.

Live screen recording

The live screen recording feature of the spy app allows recording live screen activities on the target device, being it a computer or mobile. This way, the employers and parent gets to know about the pattern of communication and activities of the target user.

Social media monitoring

The social media monitoring facility of the spy app allows tracking all the communication done over social networking platforms.

The spy app allows tracking all the individual and group chats. The voice notes exchanged can be extensively monitored. The end-user can listen to all the VoIP and video calls. All the multimedia shared over these networks can also be tracked.


The two best spy apps in 2021 are discussed. These are TheOneSpy and OgyMogy. These apps serve all the needs of parents and employers by all means.

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