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Characteristics of agriculture in bangladesh



What are characteristics of agriculture?

It then continues in summarising the main specific characteristics of agriculture: The land use function, the supply and demand characteristics, the contribution of the agricultural sector to the provision of positive externalities and public goods, food as a unique and most essential good and agriculture as a key

What are the type of agriculture in Bangladesh?

Cropping systems are highly diverse, intensive and complex in Bangladesh. The predominant cropping patterns are annual double- or triple crops of rice-rice, rice-wheat, rice-maize, potato-rice-rice, wheat-rice–rice, wheat-mungbean–rice, mustard-rice-rice and rice-rice-rice.

Why Agriculture is suitable in Bangladesh?

Agriculture sector plays an important role in overall economic development of Bangladesh. The agricultural sector (crops, animal farming, forests and fishing) contributes 14.74 percent to the country’s GDP, provides employment about 41 percent of the labour force according to Quarterly Labour Force Survey 2015-16.

Is agriculture good in Bangladesh?

Agriculture is the largest employment sector in Bangladesh, making up 14.2 percent of Bangladesh’s GDP in 2017 and employing about 42.7 percent of the workforce. Because of Bangladesh’s fertile soil and normally ample water supply, rice can be grown and harvested three times a year in many areas.

What percentage of Bangladesh is agriculture?

Close to 50 percent of Bangladesh’s population is primarily employed in agriculture, with more than 70 percent of its land dedicated to growing crops. Major crops cultivated include rice, jute, wheat, tea, pulses, oil-seeds, vegetables and fruits.

What is the most serious problem for Bangladeshi farmers?

Major challenges include 1) Loss of Arable Land, 2) Population Growth, 3) Climate Changes, 4-6) Inadequate Management Practices (Fertilizer, Water, and Pests & Diseases), 7) Lack of Quality Seeds, and 8-10) Inadequate Credit Support to Farmers, Unfair Price of Produces, and Insufficient Investment in Research.

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In which factor is agriculture of Bangladesh dependent?

Agriculture in Bangladesh is heavily dependent on the weather, and the entire harvest can be wiped out in a matter of hours when cyclones hit the country. According to the World Bank, the total arable land in Bangladesh is 61.2 percent of the total land area (down from 68.3 percent in 1980).

What are the 7 sectors of agriculture?

The agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting sector consists of these subsectors:

  • Crop Production: NAICS 111.
  • Animal Production: NAICS 112.
  • Forestry and Logging: NAICS 113.
  • Fishing, Hunting and Trapping: NAICS 114.
  • Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry: NAICS 115.

What is the importance agriculture?

Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and fabrics. Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products. Agriculture also provides wood for construction and paper products. These products, as well as the agricultural methods used, may vary from one part of the world to another.

What are the 5 importance of agriculture?

The main source of raw materials to major industries such as cotton and jute fabric, sugar, tobacco, edible as well as non-edible oils is agriculture. Moreover, many other industries such as processing of fruits as well as vegetables and rice husking get their raw material mainly from agriculture.

What are 3 benefits of agriculture?

Higher crop productivity. Decreased use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which in turn keeps food prices down. Reduced impact on natural ecosystems. Less runoff of chemicals into rivers and groundwater.

What are three advantages to agriculture?

Farming creates opportunities to lift people out of poverty in developing nations. Over 60 percent of the world’s working poor works in agriculture. Farming creates more jobs, beginning with farmers, and continuing with farm equipment makers, food processing plants, transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

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What is agriculture advantages and disadvantages?

The Advantages/Pros/Benefits of Technology in Agriculture:

Used supply water to the crops. While Machines are useful in sowing the seeds. Decrease the use of water, Fertilizers which keeps the prices down. Low run of chemicals and also waste materials into seas and water. Reduce impact on the ecosystem.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of agriculture farming )?

Advantage: Controllable food supply. You might have droughts or floods, but if you’re growing the crops and breeding them to be hardier, you have a better chance of not starving. Disadvantage: In order to keep feeding people as the population grows you have to radically change the environment of the planet.

What are the benefits of studying agriculture?

“A degree in agriculture gives you the skills and knowledge to deal with agricultural sales, agriculture business, food production, etc.” Self employment opportunities are also available in this field.

Why I choose agriculture as my career path?

1. Agriculture matters to the future of development. Agriculture is up to four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty. Increasingly, the world is counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food for — and improve the livelihoods of — a booming population, especially the poor.

Is agriculture hard to study?

Agriculture, though it’s a tough course but it is enjoyable as well. Moreover it’s exposure to variety of subjects makes it more diverse. A physical science lover would love to study Agricultural Meteorology and Physics while a chemistry lover gets a chance to enjoy Agricultural Chemicals and gricultural Biochemistry.

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Why is agriculture important to humans?

Agricultural biodiversity provides humans with food and raw materials for goods – such as cotton for clothing, wood for shelter and fuel, plants and roots for medicines, and materials for biofuels – and with incomes and livelihoods, including those derived from subsistence farming.

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Convert an Image: How to Convert to PNG in 4 Easy Steps




Portable network graphics, or PNG, has been around in our lives for nearly 30 years. People continue to use this image file for a variety of applications, whether it’s for photography or graphic design.

But if you’ve got an image that’s in another format, how do you convert to PNG? What are the steps you need to take to for an image to convert to PNG?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how to convert different image files to PNG. 

What is PNG?

PNG, or portable network graphics, is the term people use when they’re referring to the high-resolution image file. It’s famous for maintaining the quality of the original image, as it uses lossless compression.

Whether you’re using it for website building, logo design, or photography, PNGs have been around for decades because of their compatibility and versatility. Let’s quickly go over those benefits below:

Benefits of PNG

The biggest benefit of using a PNG format is the lossless compression we mentioned earlier. Your computer won’t compress an image when converting something to a PNG.

There are also lots of transparent PNG images out there. 

How to Convert JPG to PNG

If you’re looking to convert a JPG to PNG, it’s actually quite simple. There are slight differences in how to do so based on whether you’re on Windows or Mac, so let’s break down the steps for each OS.

Using Windows

On Windows, you can use Microsoft Paint to quickly convert a JPG to a PNG. Find the JPG file you want to convert, right-click it, and choose “edit.”

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It should take you to Paint, where all you need to do is select “Files” then “Save As.” On the “Save as Type” dropdown, choose the PNG option.

Using Mac

If you’re a Mac user, use the Preview program to open up your JPG file. Click on “File,” then choose “Save As.” The PNG option should appear on the dropdown menu.

After you choose the PNG option, you’re done! Same as with Windows, find the file path you want and you’ve converted your JPG to PNG just like that.

Alternative Methods

Maybe you don’t have time to go through your computer and find these programs, or maybe you want something more versatile. Some default programs don’t let you convert SVG to PNG files, for example.

If you want to do that, you can find and download other programs to get this done. A PNG maker is pretty easy to find on the internet, but we suggest you choose that one for the best results. 

Convert to PNG the Easy Way

If you have an image that you’d like to convert to PNG, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. Use this guide to help you understand what PNGs are and how you can convert your favorite image files to PNGs.

For more informative articles on image files and other topics, check out the rest of our site!

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How to add a phone number to iMessage on a Mac, and receive messages on your computer




If you’re looking to add your phone number to iMessage on your Mac computer, you can do so in a few quick steps using your iPhone and Mac.

Simply enable iMessage and add your phone number on both your iPhone and Mac , and you’ll begin receiving messages to both devices in no time.

By receiving iMessages on your Mac computer, you can increase your workflow, as well as keep in touch with those trying to contact you, even if your iPhone is in another room or away from you.

You can add your phone number to your iMessage account and turn it on easily on your Mac to start receiving messages right away.

1. First, on your iPhone , go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.



2. If you haven’t yet signed in with your Apple ID, do so by tapping “Use your Apple ID for iMessage.”



3. Once signed in, find the section titled “You can receive iMessages to and reply from” and be sure your phone number is selected. If so, it will have a check beside it.

4. If your Mac has already signed in with your Apple ID, you may receive a pop-up on the homescreen asking if you’d like to add your phone number to iMessage and FaceTime. If so, click yes. Once you’ve added your phone number, you can turn it on in iMessage on your Mac .



1. After you’ve added your phone number for iMessage on your iPhone, launch Messages on your Mac , which can be found under “Applications.”

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2. Once you’ve launched Messages (and signed in with your Apple ID), go to Messages > Preferences.



3. In the Preferences menu, select the iMessage icon, which looks like an address or “at” sign.

4. To make sure iMessages come to your Mac , make sure your phone number is selected under the “You can be reached for messages at:” section.



1. To remove the phone number for iPhone from other devices it may be connected to, on your iPhone go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Tap where you see your Apple ID. In the pop-up window, tap “Sign Out.”



2. On Mac , launch Messages. Then click Messages > Preferences > iMessage. Under the section “You can be reached for messages at:,” deselect your phone number.

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How to easily combine videos on your iPhone using the iMovie app




You can use Apple’s free iMovie app to combine video clips into a single video on your iPhone .

ith iMovie, you can combine multiple videos, add transitions, and export your final video to send it in an email or upload it to a cloud service.

If you shoot a lot of video using your iPhone’s Camera app, you might want to polish them using a simple video editor.

You probably already know how to trim the start and end points of a video in your Photos app, for example, but you might not know that Apple offers a free video editing app that lets you combine separate videos into a single, longer video.

To get started, begin by installing Apple’s iMovie app , if you haven’t already.

1. Start the iMovie app and, if you see the Welcome to iMovie screen, tap “Continue.”

2. Tap “Create Project.”

3. On the New Project screen, tap “Movie.”

videos 1

videos 1

4. iMovie starts in your photo stream of recent photos and videos. Tap “Media” at the top left.

5. Tap “Video” and then, on the Video page, tap the video folder you’re interested in. “All” will show you all the videos stored on your iPhone .

videos 2

videos 2

6. Tap a video you want to combine with another video. In the pop-up, tap the checkbox. This adds the video to your project.

videos 3

videos 3

7. Tap any other videos you want to combine, and again, tap the checkbox to add them to your project.

8. When you’ve added all the video clips you want, tap “Create Movie” at the bottom of the screen.

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9. On the My Movie screen, you can preview the video and include transitions between the video clips (to do that, scroll the video to the left or right until you find a cut point, and tap the transition icon to choose the transition style).

videos 4

videos 4

10. When you’re finished, tap “Done” at the top left of the screen.

11. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen and choose where you want to send the completed movie.

videos 5

videos 5

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