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Examples of hidden curriculum in schools

What is an example of hidden curriculum? For example, one teacher may give tough assignments and expect all students to do well on those assignments, while another teacher may give comparatively easy assignments and habitually award all students passing grades even when their work quality is low. What are some hidden curriculum in schools? Hidden […]

How to cut avi video

How do I trim an AVI video? Select your AVI and drag it to the clip viewer. There, use the playhead to mark off where you want to shorten the clip. Click on “Edit” and select “Split video clip at playhead.” After that, click on the video that you want deleted once, and press “delete.” […]

Capricorn woman appearance

How is a Capricorn woman described? They are ambitious, determined, materialistic and strong. They will keep going when others would’ve given up ten miles back. This makes them great partners in life, as well as friends or collaborators. Capricorns tend to keep small circles, but are loyal and supportive of their friends and loved ones. […]

How to make chocolate croissants

What kind of chocolate do you put in chocolate croissants? I like to fill mine with dark chocolate because, well, dark chocolate. But if you‘re more of a milk chocolate, or even a white chocolate kind of person you do you. Break the chocolate up, place it across the wide end of the croissant dough […]

How to make white sangria

What is white sangria made of? White sangria is the perfect fruity, summer cocktail. A combination of white wine, mango, strawberries, raspberries and orange, its sweet, easy to make, and presents beautifully. It’s also a bit softer and lighter than my red sangria recipe – though both are delicious! What white wine is good for […]

How to get rid of a raspy voice

What causes a raspy voice? Laryngitis: Swelling of the vocal cords from over use of the voice or a viral illness. Allergy: Swelling of the vocal cords from cough, post-nasal drip, sneezing. Laryngopharyngeal reflux: Stomach reflux causing swelling and irritation of the delicate tissues of the vocal cords and throat. Will my raspy voice go […]

What does simple squamous epithelium look like

What does simple epithelial tissue look like? Simple squamous epithelium cells are flat in shape and arranged in a single layer. This single layer is thin enough to form a membrane that compounds can move through via passive diffusion. What are the characteristics of simple squamous epithelium? Simple squamous epithelia are tissues formed from one […]

How to pronounce habitual

What is the meaning of habitual? 1 : regularly or repeatedly doing or practicing something or acting in some manner : having the nature of a habit : customary habitual candor habitual behavior habitual medicine use. How do you say habitual drunkard? Is the T silent in often? Often has a medial /t/ that, like […]