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A Look to The Future: How Nigeria Is Showing the World The Future of Bitcoin.



A Look to The Future: How Nigeria Is Showing the World The Future of Bitcoin

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are a number of countries leading the line when it comes to the majority of crypto metrics. By crypto metrics, we are referring to the level of mining, the overall adoption rate and the trading volume. One particular note of interest when it comes to this list of countries is that outside of the United States of America, the countries leading the line are all emerging market countries.

The list, for example, includes the like of South Africa, Nigeria, Ukraine, India, China, Colombia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Kenya. Outside of the United States and narrowing the focus to the emerging country that leads the line when it comes to the level of Bitcoin trading volumes, all signs point to one African country on the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria. 

The fact that it is emerging countries leading the way in the world of cryptocurrencies should not come as too much of surprise as they often open doors to a less volatile currency. So for the purpose of this article we are going to focus on Nigeria, a country that is paving the way for the usage of Bitcoin, and one which can potentially help shape the world of the future!

For many Nigerians, the extreme costs in relation to sending or receiving money across borders when using traditional banks was becoming increasingly frustrating. As with any technologically advanced country, the world does now resemble what is referred to as a global village. People communicate, interact and exchange money with people from all over the world on a daily basis without even the blinking of an eye. At a certain point, traditional banking systems can begin to feel as if they are slowly down the process rather than helping you get things done.

With more and more overseas workers and families, and the want to experience and use services from all over the world as simply as possible, Nigerians have turned to Bitcoin in a big way. In addition to simply sending and receiving money, Bitcoin is now accepted in local shops and businesses in an increasing fashion via phones. 

In addition to this, the best bitcoin casino is now readily available for Nigerians to play their favourite casino games with just a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger. The borderless nature of bitcoin as well as the fact that transaction speeds are much quicker than traditional banks have made online Bitcoin casinos popular throughout the world, so it is no surprise to see the leader in Bitcoin trading also embracing the activity.


For emerging countries like Nigeria, Bitcoin has offered individuals the opportunity to put themselves back in control of their finances and quickly and easily embrace what is now becoming an increasingly interconnected world. The openness of the Nigerian people to embrace Bitcoin’s true potential is now paving the way for other countries when it comes to how to approach the future of financial transactions.

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