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“You should be in the kitchen cooking” – Speed Darlington slams Aisha Yesufu over her stands on tribalism (video)


Jan 29, 2024
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Controversial Nigerian singer and songwriter Speed Darlington is back in the news and this time he has a message for popular activist Aisha Yesufu whom he believed should be in the kitchen cooking.

Speed Darlington slams Aisha Yesufu over her stands on tribalism

Speed Darlington have grown to become one of the most controversial personalities in Nigeria over the past few years and he has switched his attention to Aisha Yesufu who have been celebrated for her great effort in the country.

Aisha Yesufu have become a prominent figure in the country as she’s been leading protest against bad governance as well as speaking against any issue that affect Nigerians negatively.

However, Speed Darlington seems not too pleased with her latest comment on tribalism.

Aisha Yesufu had asked what some people in the country bring to the table aside from tribalism.

Not too pleased with her statements, Speed Darlington took to his official Instagram account to lash out at the activist as he noted that she did not pass through any school of reasoning.

According to Speed Darlington, Aisha Yesufu should be in the kitchen cooking and should not be on social media addressing Nigerians or trying to be a Nollywood superstar.

Read his message to Aisha Yesufu below:

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