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Who is ryan white


Jan 29, 2024
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Who is Ryan White and how did he die?

Ryan White
BornRyan Wayne WhiteDecember 6, 1971 Kokomo, Indiana, U.S.
DiedApril 8, 1990 (aged 18) Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Cause of deathAIDS-related pneumonia

Why is Ryan White important?

Ryan White, (born December 6, 1971, Kokomo, Indiana, U.S.—died April 8, 1990, Indianapolis, Indiana), American teenager who became a national symbol after he contracted AIDS from an injection of factor VIII, a substance necessary for blood clotting, to treat his hemophilia.

Is Ryan White a true story?

The film first aired on the ABC network on January 16, 1989. It is based on the true story of the American teenager Ryan White, who became a national poster child for HIV/AIDS in the United States, after being expelled from middle school because of his infection.

Who was Ryan White to Elton John?

Elton John is looking back on his decision to get sober — a choice he says was inspired by the death of his friend Ryan White. The legendary singer, 72, recently sat down with NBC’s Harry Smith and opened up about how White’s funeral served as a turning point in his life and helped him get on the path to sobriety.

What does Ryan White Cover C?

Part C of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides grant funding to local community-based organizations to support outpatient ambulatory health service and support services through Early Intervention Services (EIS) program grants.

What is Ryan White Part D?

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part D grant recipients provide outpatient ambulatory family-centered primary and specialty medical care and support services for women, infants, children, and youth living with HIV.

Where is Ryan White’s grave?

Cicero Cemetery, IN

Ryan White / Place of burial

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How did Ryan White meet Elton John?

The singer befriended the boy during his public battle for acceptance after he was banned from a central Indiana school at age 13, bringing national attention to HIV/AIDS education and the plight of children with HIV in the 1980s.

Is Ryan White deceased?

Deceased (1971–1990)

Ryan White / Living or Deceased

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Who are Ryan White’s parents?

Jeanne Elaine Hale

Hubert Wayne White

Ryan White/Parents

Who is Ryan White’s father?

Hubert Wayne White

Ryan White / Father

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How was Ryan White buried?

Born in Kokomo, Indiana, Ryan was the son of Hubert Wayne and Elaine Hale White.

Ryan Wayne White.

Birth6 Dec 1971 Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, USA
Death8 Apr 1990 (aged 18) Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA
BurialCicero Cemetery Cicero, Hamilton County, Indiana, USA Show Map
Memorial ID1612 · View Source

How old was Ryan White?

18 years (1971–1990)

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When did Ryan White born?

December 6, 1971

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