Who is Madatatat On Twitter? Her Wiki Bio Explored

Madatatat is active on Twitter under the handle @itzzzmad.

She joined Twitter in June 2019 and has seen a massive increase in her number of followers and fans since then.

The stunning influencer has amassed a decent 75.5k followers on her Twitter account.

Madatatat adores her body and is regularly seen showing off her cleavage. She also engages with her followers through the comment section.

TikToker Madatatat Age And Height: How Old Tall Is She?

TikToker Madatatat seems to be around 25 to 30 years old. The influencer, on the other hand, appears to be between 165 and 170 cm tall.

However, the figure shown above is merely an approximation based on her social media uploads. As she has kept her weight, age, and height hidden from the public.

What Is Madatatat Real Name?

Camilla Maria Strand seems to be the real name of the lady behind the TikTok account, Madatatat.

Nonetheless, we can’t be certain whether the name stated is her real name or a made-up one.

As Madatatat’s popularity grew, many unknown people set up a fake account in her name. As a result, many of you could have been duped into following her bogus account.

So, avoid falling into such traps and being baited. Follow Madatatat’s official account, which is linked above.

Meet Madatatat boyfriend On Instagram

Madatatat has not posted anything regarding her boyfriend on her Instagram handle.

The online bellwether has won thousands of hearts. And, disclosure of Madatatat’s date would destroy the very hearts of thousands of men all around the globe.

We assume Madatatat is already dating someone.  However,  we can’t reveal any of her relationship details as she keeps her romance life hidden.

Madatatat Net Worth Details: How Rich Is She?

The estimated net worth of Madatatat is $200,000 to $500,000.

Besides the online world, The social media influencer works as a truck driver. That indicates her annual pay is between $30 and $50 thousand.

In addition to that, Madatatat is also well-known for creating explicit content for several websites, which she uses to supplement her income.