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Who Is Kyle Dubas Wife Shannon Dubas?


Jan 29, 2024
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Who Is Kyle Dubas Wife Shannon Dubas?: Shannon Dubas is wife of Canadian Ice Hockey executive Kyle Dubas. Let us learn more about the celebrity spouse.

Shannon Dubas is Kyle Dubas’s wife, and she has been his supporter for more than five years.

Kyle Dubas is a Canadian ice hockey executive who currently serves as the National Hockey League’s Toronto Maple Leaf’s general manager.

Dubas  joined the Maple Leaf’s organization as an assistant general manager in 2014 and has played a key role in the system’s development and the league’s development.

He worked with Uptown Sports Management and was the youngest agent ever accredited by the National Hockey League Players Association.

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Shannon Dubas Age: How Old Is She?

Shannon Dubas seems to fall under the age group of 30-35 years old.

It’s just a guess based on her pictures and her husband’s age, 35 years old.

However, her verified age and date of birth remain confidential for now.

If she ever confronted the topic of her age, we will let you confirm as soon as possible.

What Is Shannon Dubas Net Worth?

Shannon Dubas’s net worth has not been estimated to date.

Similarly, the present value of her husband Kyle’s net worth has not been estimated.

After joining the national ice hockey team, Kyle has made significant contributions to the league’s success.

Since he has been working for such a long time, we assume he has earned enough money from her job.

Nonetheless, their verified net worth value still needs to be made public.

Shannon Dubas Wedding

There are no specific details about Shannon and Kyle’s wedding.

But, as per Sports Net, Dubas was at his rehearsal dinner for his wedding in Mexico on July 6, 2014.

Since they were married, the couple has been living together, and there does not seem to be any dispute between the families.

They have a son, but his name has not been disclosed.

Is Shannon Dubas On Instagram?

So far, we could not locate Shannon Dubas on Instagram platforms.

But, her husband Kyle seems to have a Twitter account.

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