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Who Is Emi Jones? Everything We Know About The Singer


Jan 29, 2024
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Emi Jones is a voice actress and musical artist, and she is known for being the voice of Sonic in Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3. Learn about Emi Jones’ age birthday and daughter below.

Emi Jones is a massive Sonic fan, and most of her content is about Sonic. She has been a fan of the Sonic series since she was eight years old, and her first sonic game was Sonic 2. She also owns a youtube channel with 62k followers.

In this article, we have covered information about the age, birthday, and daughter of Emi Jones.

Singer: Emi Jones Age And Birthday Explored

Emi Jones is currently 28 years old. She was born on December 17, 1993.

On a wiki page, Emi was reportedly born on the same day as the original Japanese release date of Rockman X.

She celebrates her birthday on December 17 every year.

Emi joined youtube back on July 16, 2012. Most of her videos are songs, music videos, cover songs, and theme songs. She has amassed a total of 9,787,657 views on youtube.

Furthermore, Emi is also active on Twitch.

Emi Jones Husband And Children: Who Is Her Daughter?

Emi Jones is likely married, and she has one daughter.

However, she doesn’t like her family to be in the public’s eyes, and there is not much information about her husband and daughter.

Their names are also not revealed to the public.

Nonetheless, Emi occasionally features her daughter on her Twitter. In a birthday tweet about her daughter, Emi wrote the caption, “My daughter is turning eight and asked for a Splatoon party so, of course, she got one.”

Emi’s daughter was born in March 2011. She is currently 11 years old.

Is Emi Jones On Wikipedia? The Biography Of Artist Revealed

Emi Jones is not on Wikipedia. However, various unofficial wiki fandom has listed her biography.

Emi is a voice actress and musical artist. She was the voice of Tails in Sonic and Tails R and Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3.

She is of American nationality, and she currently lives in Burbank, California. Her youtube channel features a variety of cover and original songs of her, and she also does theme songs for fictional characters.

She is also a guest commentator on the YouTube commentary channel VG Commentaries. Emi also likes pokemon, kingdom hearts, and animal crossing.

Meet Emi Jones On Instagram

Emi Jones goes by the name @theemuemi on her Instagram account.

She has about 2.5k followers and a total of 77 posts.

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