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Who Is Elena Lyons, Grant Cardone’s Wife & When Did They Get Married


Jan 29, 2024
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Model, actress, investor, pilot, and entrepreneur. Those weren’t five people. Elena Lyons only wears these five hats and more. She is also a bestselling author and is ranked 10th female in the state of California in sporting clay and trap shooting (shotgun). More than ever, the Spanish-born actress is stretching herself – taking flight lessons to be a pilot. Talk about being multidimensional and having it all. Thanks to her supportive husband, Grant Cordone, who, in a way, doubles as her mentor, the mother of two can be anything she wants to be. If you were looking her up, then look nowhere else. This piece tells you all you need to know about Elena Lyons and how long she’s been married. Let’s see. 

Who is Elena Lyons? 

Elena Lyons was born—Elena Rosaia—in Madrid Spain, on June 27, 1973, to parents Bill Rosaia and Concetta Nell. Her father was a World War II veteran (who eventually passed away in 2016). Ther are no details about her childhood, early education, or what her mother did for a living. However, sources reveal that Elena and her sister were raised in New Orleans. After graduating from high school, she then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and modeling.

In 1993, Elena Lyons landed her first acting role in the movie Saved By the Bell: The College Years. After which she portrayed the character, Lauren Fontaine in the widely-received Tv series, USA High. Her modeling career was also beginning to take shape around that time. She was managed by the modeling agency, Elite Models. As her acting career advanced, Elena have starred in several TV shows including, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2001), Walker, Texas Ranger (2001), Ally McBeal (2001), NCIS (2003), Two and a Half Men (2003), Days of Our Lives(2006), among others.

Actress and model are just two of the many things that she is. Elena Lyons has sold her knowledge to millions across the globe through her bestselling business book, Building An Empire: How To Have it All. Together with her husband, Lyons hosts two widely-followed podcasts, The G&E Show and Women in Power. Realize it or not, the Spanish-born beauty has been an integral part of her husband’s career success at Cordone Capital. She also serves as a keynote speaker at the 10X conference for business people. Judging from her engaging speaking and writing style, it’s safe to say that she’s also caught the motivational buzz from her husband. As part of her mission, Lyons also uses her platforms to advocate for human rights and to raise funds for charity organizations.

Elena Lyons is deeply committed to keeping fit and maintaining her gorgeous looks. You might as well call her fitness junkie and still not be wrong. She takes martial arts and self-defense classes as well as gun-shooting training. When it comes to guns, Lyons is no rookie. In the state of California, she is ranked among the best ten in sporting clay and trap shooting (shotgun) in the female category.

That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been at risk of being shot before. Back in October 2017, Elena and her husband, Grant Cardone, were attending an event at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, when a rogue shooter stood from one of the hotel windows and opened fire on a crowd gathered for a music festival below. Sources described it as one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history perpetrated by an individual. Elena and her husband were unscathed during the incident. 

When Did Grant Cardone and Elena Lyons Get Married?

Elena Lyons has been married to Grant Cardone since July 4, 2004. 2019 makes it fifteen years since they’ve been married. The couple first met in 2003. The two reportedly fell madly in love and began dating for a year before tying the knot on July 4, 2004. Grant Cardone is a renowned estate manager, sales trainer, motivational speaker, and author. In 2017, a Forbes ranking placed him at #1 among 25 marketing influencers to watch. Together, the couple has two daughters whose names they’ve been quite reluctant to reveal to the public. They live in Miami Beach, Florida.

Her Height and Body Measurements

Now in her late forties, Elena Lyons maintains a graceful slim build. She stands 5 feet 7½ inches (1.71 meters) tall. She has dark brown hair and eyes. As of this writing, there no published records of her shoe, bra or dress sizes, as well as her other body measurements. When these get public, we’ll put them all up.

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