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Which city is bigger cochin or coimbatore


Jan 29, 2024
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Is Kochi a big city?

Kochi is the most densely populated city in Kerala. As of 2011, it has a corporation limit population of 677,381 within an area of 94.88 km2 and a total urban population of more than of 2.1 million within an area of 440 km2, making it the largest and the most populous metropolitan area in Kerala.

Which is the second big city in Tamilnadu?


List of Cities in Tamil Nadu


Which is bigger Coimbatore or Chennai?

Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu after Chennai and the 16th largest urban agglomeration in India as per the census 2011.

Is Kochi a developed city?

Kochi has been ranked the topmost emerging city in the country as per latest study report of JLL, the global real estate services firm specialising in commercial property and investment management. … It also highlighted the specific regions in the city which have been witnessing development and economic boom.

Which is bigger Madurai or Coimbatore?

Coimbatore has an area of 247 sq km where as Madurai has 148sq km . Hence Coimbatore is bigger in both area and population than Madurai. Madurai has a density of about 11700 persons per sq km and Coimbatore 11300 persons per sq km.

Which is the rowdy city in Tamil Nadu?

Tirunelveli district

Tirunelveli district
Coordinates:8.65°N 77.383°ECoordinates:8.65°N 77.383°E
StateTamil Nadu
District formed on1 September 1790

Is Kochi small city?

Geography of Kochi

Earlier Kochi was called Cochin and this small city is located in Ernakulum District of Kerala. Geographically speaking it comes on the south west coast of the Indian Peninsula at 9°58’N 76°13’E. Being a coastal region it has a vast coastline of 48 kms and has total area of 94.88 square kilometers.

Is Kochi a rich city?

The economy of Kochi was worth 49453.29 crores in 2012 – 2013 financial year with a growth of almost 7.5% per annum.

Is Kochi same as Cochin?

Kochi and Cochin are the names that create a lot of confusion when you are planning a trip to Kerala. If you are having the same predicament, don’t worry, Kochi and cochin are the same. British used to call Kochi Cochin and Keralites used to call it Kochi and officially Kochi was declared as the name in the 1990s.

Why is Cochin famous?

Popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, the city also flaunts one of the finest natural harbours of the world and was the centre of the world spice trade for many centuries. Old Kochi (presently called West Kochi), loosely refers to a group of islands which comprise Willingdon Island, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry etc.

Is Kochi good place to live?

1. Kochi. … Because of the demand in the IT sector, the booming port city of Kochi provided thousands of jobs for new graduates. Edapally, Pachalam, Thripunithura, Mamangalam, Ponekkara, Kakkanad, and Fort Kochi are some of the best places to live in Kochi.

How expensive is Kochi?

Summary about cost of living in Kochi, India: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,009$ (76,356₹) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 287$ (21,737₹) without rent. Kochi is 77.33% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Kochi beautiful?

Unarguably, Kochi is one of the most beautiful places in India. After all, it is home to lakes, backwaters, beaches, ancient monuments, lush greenery and hills. … It has been described as the most beautiful city in India by many ancient travellers.

What is the old name of Kochi?

Changed Name (in India)

Old NameNew Name

What is famous in Cochin to buy?

What is famous to buy in Kochi? Kochi is famous for things like silver and gold jewelry, silk sarees, handloom and handcrafted items. You can buy most of these things at reasonable prices in the famous street markets of Kochi, including the popular Spice Market and Marine Drive.

Is Kochi clean?

KOCHI: We knew it. The national cleanliness survey merely confirms it. … As per the ranking of the national survey, Kochi is ranked a distant 372nd.

Is Kochi a hill station?

It is one of the most frequently visited hill stations of South India that is situated 105 kilometers from Kochi. It is well known for its natural beauty and weather and also considered as Swiss town of South India. It is the largest town in Idukki and its located in Kannan Devan hills.

Why Kochi is called the Queen of Arabian Sea?

Detailed Solution. The ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’: Kochi port is known as the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ as it was an important trade center for species on the western coast of India from the 14th century. Occupied by the Portuguese Empire in 1503, Kochi was the first of the European colonies in colonial India.

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