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Where can i watch moonstruck


Jan 29, 2024
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Is Moonstruck on HBO Max?

Watch Moonstruck (HBO) – Stream Movies | HBO Max.

Is Moonstruck on demand?

Moonstruck now available On Demand!

Is Moonstruck on Stan?

Currently you are able to watch “Moonstruck” streaming on Stan. It is also possible to buy “Moonstruck” on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube as download or rent it on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube online.

How long is the movie Moonstruck?

1h 42m

Moonstruck/Running time

What does it mean Moonstruck?

Definition of moonstruck

: affected by or as if by the moon: such as. a : mentally unbalanced. b : romantically sentimental.

Who was the father in Moonstruck?

father Cosmo

Plot. Thirty-seven year old Loretta Castorini, an Italian-American widow, works as a bookkeeper and lives in Brooklyn Heights with her family: father Cosmo; mother Rose; and paternal grandfather.

How old was Nicolas Cage when he did Moonstruck?


In Moonstruck, a 1987 romantic comedy set in Brooklyn, Loretta Castorini (Cher) explains to Ronny Cammareri (an unsettlingly charismatic 23-year-old Nicolas Cage) that he’s a wolf.

Why is Moonstruck so good?

Moonstruck is, at its core, a big, corny, stylish film about people coming to terms with themselves and the people they love. This willingness to be emotional, both in bombast (“CHRISSY BRING ME THE BIG KNIFE”) and in subtler, gentler ways (“I love him awful”), is one of Moonstruck’s most endearing qualities.

Is Olympia Dukakis still alive?

Deceased (1931–2021)

Olympia Dukakis/Living or Deceased

Is Moonstruck based on La Boheme?

Norman Jewison’s 1987 Romantic Comedy Moonstruck is filled with La bohème references. Following an Italian-American family, it makes perfect sense for the film to reference one of the best-known Italian operas in the repertoire.

Is Nicolas Cage married?

Riko Shibata

m. 2021

Erika Koike

m. 2019–2019

Alice Kim

m. 2004–2016

Lisa Marie Presley

m. 2002–2004

Patricia Arquette

m. 1995–2001

Nicolas Cage/Spouse

Where is the house from Moonstruck?

Brooklyn Heights

Film buffs, housing historians and even Cher fanatics are likely all too familiar with the home that stands at 19 Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York. The stunning townhouse was featured in Moonstruck, the 1987 romantic-comedy that starred a young Cher and Nicolas Cage.

Where was movie Moonstruck filmed?

It was filmed at real locations all around the city, with the fictitious restaurant the Grand Ticino shot in the West Village, Cammareri Bakery in Carroll Gardens, and the Castorini family home both located in Brooklyn Heights.

Why is Nicolas Cage missing a tooth in Moonstruck?

As the wounded Vietnam vet, Al Columbato, Nicolas Cage had two teeth removed, without anesthesia to better his understanding of the character. The extraction of the actor’s baby teeth had been planned previously, but Cage scheduled the procedure to coincide with shooting schedule.

How old is Nicolas Cage?

57 years (January 7, 1964)

Nicolas Cage/Age

How much is the brownstone in Moonstruck worth?

Brooklyn Heights ‘Moonstruck’ House With Lush Interior, Parking Asks $12.85 Million | Brownstoner.

What neighborhood does Moonstruck take place in?

Brooklyn Heights

The locals know the four-story Federal-style brownstone at Cranberry and Willow Streets in Brooklyn Heights as the “Moonstruck” House because it was the setting for the 1987 movie starring Cher and Nicolas Cage.

What bakery was used in Moonstruck?

The 1987 film “Moonstruck” was shot at Cammareri Bros. on Henry Street in Brooklyn. The bakery later moved to Borough Park.

Who won Oscars for Moonstruck?


In 1988, Cher took home the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in “Moonstruck.” Take a look.

What restaurant was in Moonstruck?

the Grand Ticino restaurant

Cafe Cluny, 284 West 12th Street and West 4th Street, Manhattan. otsoNY Comments: Although the street sign clearly shows Hicks Street, which is in Brooklyn, the actual the film location for the Grand Ticino restaurant was in Manhattan’s West Village.

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