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What was the value of 1 rupee in 1911


Jan 29, 2024
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What was the value of 1 rupee in 1910?

Mintage, Worth:

YearMarkValue, USD
1910$ 16.20
1910B$ 24.04
1909$ 14.29

What was the value of 1 rupee in 1945?

Mintage, Worth:

YearMarkValue, USD
1945L$ 17.01
1944$ 13.00
1944L$ 12.07

What is the value of 1913 1 rupee coin?

2500000 INR/Piece

Metal 1913 One Rupee Coin at Price 2500000 INR/Piece in Dhubri | ID: 6591823.

What was Indian currency before 1947?

The rupee was never equal to the dollar. At the time of independence (in 1947), India’s currency was pegged to pound sterling, and the exchange rate was a shilling and six pence for a rupee — which worked out to Rs 13.33 to the pound.

What is the price of George V King Emperor coin?

Price Range : Rs.80 to 5000 Per Piece.

What is the price of 25 paise coin?

If you have this special coin of 25 paise, then you will get 1.5 lakh rupees directly. You have to put the photo of this antique coin on the website.

What is the currency of Pakistan?

Pakistani rupee


The Pakistani rupee (PKR) is the official currency of Pakistan. The PKR was introduced in 1947 after gaining independence from the British and autonomy from India.

Who invented money in India?

Sher Shah Suri

The immediate precursor of the rupee is the rūpiya—the silver coin weighing 178 grains minted in northern India by first Sher Shah Suri during his brief rule between 1540 and 1545 and adopted and standardized later by the Mughal Empire.

Is INR backed by gold?

All banknotes issued by RBI are backed by assets such as gold, Government Securities and Foreign Currency Assets, as defined in Section 33 of RBI Act, 1934.

What is the money of India?

Indian rupee


What is the currency of America?

United States Dollar

United States/Currencies

The United States dollar (symbol: $; code: USD; also abbreviated US$ or U.S. Dollar, to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies; referred to as the dollar, U.S. dollar, American dollar, or colloquially buck) is the official currency of the United States and its territories.

What is the currency of Italy?



Adoption of the euro

The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in Italy on 1 January 2002, after a transitional period of three years when the euro was the official currency but only existed as ‘book money’.

What is Japan’s currency?

Japanese yen


The yen’s symbol is ¥. The name yen derives from an ancient term for Chinese round coins (yuan). One-thousand-yen banknote from Japan (obverse). One-thousand-yen banknote from Japan (reverse).

What is China’s currency?



What is full form INR?

The Indian rupee (INR) is the currency of India. INR is the International Organization for Standardization currency code for the Indian rupee, for which the currency symbol is ₹.

What is the currency of Singapore?

Singapore dollar


SGD is the abbreviation for the Singapore dollar, which is the official currency of the island state of Singapore. The Singapore dollar is made up of 100 cents and is often presented with the symbol S$ to set it apart from other dollar-based currencies. It is also known as the “Sing.”

What is the currency of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan rupee

Sri Lanka/Currencies

Understanding the SLR—Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

Banknotes are available in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, and 5,000 rupees. The Sri Lankan rupee frequently appears as the currency abbreviation SLR to avoid confusion with other rupees. The abbreviation for rupees is Rs.

What is the currency of Nepal?

Nepalese rupee


The Nepali Rupee (ISO code NPR) has been the official currency of Nepal since 1932. The most commonly used symbol of the Rupee is Rs or ₨.

What is the currency of Kuwait?

Kuwaiti dinar


What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi riyal

Saudi Arabia/Currencies

The Saudi Riyal (SR) is the national currency of Saudi Arabia and is managed by the Saudi Central Bank. The SAR is made up of 100 halala, and is often presented with the symbol SR. The SAR is currently pegged to the U.S. Dollar at about 3.75 SR.

What is the currency of Pakistan today?

Pakistani rupee


Currency Rate in Pakistan today – Open Market Currency Rates Pakistan. Currency Rate in Pakistan today On 02, December 2021. According to the Forex Association of Pakistan is Eur to PKR, US Dollar to PKR, GBP is PKR, Saudi Riyal to PKR (SAR TO PKR) rate, and UAE Dirham to PKR Exchange Rate.

What is the currency of Qatar?

Qatari riyal


The Rial is the foreign money of Qatar. That is subdivided into a hundred dirham and is aliased as QR (English). The Qatari Rial has been pegged to the US Dollar at 1 USD = 3.64 Rial since July 2001.

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