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What To Do With Old TV: Don’t Throw Out Your Old TV Before You Read This



What To Do With Old TV: Don’t Throw Out Your Old TV Before You Read This: Did you get a new TV this holiday season? Here’s what to do with your old one.

Perhaps you were lucky enough to get a new TV as a gift this holiday season. Or maybe you gave yourself a big-screen TV gift. Either way, don’t throw out your old TV. It’s certainly temping to toss your outdated screen in the garbage, but that’s not a great idea. I mean, you can if you want, but there are better options. 

For instance, most cities prefer you recycle your old electronics. Just hauling your old TV to the dump is wasteful. Depending on how old the TV is, it could contain toxic metals like mercury. What should you do instead? There are plenty of options, especially if it still works. The most obvious is to just move it to another room, but I’ll assume you’ve thought of that one already, especially if you have a new TV to replace it with.

What To Do With Old TV: Don’t Throw Out Your Old TV Before You Read This

Fortunately, many of the options for getting rid of an old TV don’t cost you anything, other than perhaps a little bit of your time. Here’s what to do.

Before doing anything else, wipe the data

No matter what you intend to do with your TV, make sure you log out of all your streaming accounts. Then go one step further and do a factory reset, which you can find buried in the user menu. Obviously having somebody freeload your Netflix is only an issue if your old TV is a smart TV, but wiping your passwords and personal information is a good habit to get into with any of your old electronics.

Try to sell on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace (if it’s worth anything)

While selling the TV may seem as obvious as moving it to another room, the specifics are a little less obvious. 

First of all, you need local pickup for a TV. No matter how well you pack a TV, even if you have the original box, it’s probably not going to survive the trip. Modern TVs are far too fragile. Now the seller has to deal with a broken TV and you have to give the buyer their money back.

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Even if you do sell it locally, the same issue applies. Inevitably the buyer is going to show up to get your 65-inch TV in a 1990 Honda Civic and ask you to help stuff it in the back. If you’re getting rid of a big TV, be sure to specify its dimensions and weight in the ad.

And that’s if you can sell it. Used TVs depreciate quickly, in part because new TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper. That TeleVison you spent $2,000 on? Maybe you can get $200. Check out the “Is your TV worth anything?” section at the bottom.

Alternatively, just list it for free if the person picks it up. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Donate your TV to charity

An easier option is to donate it to a local charity, ideally one whose volunteers will come pick it up.

There’s also Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers or another drop-off secondhand retailer. You’ll need to bring the TV to one of their locations. Check their website to see if they’ll accept your TV’s type and size. For instance, they probably won’t take an old rear-projection since most people don’t want them.

Also contact your local library or public schools. Many are always in need of donations, though a 20-year-old TV might not be what they’re looking for.

The Best Buy local on the side of a building.
Best Buy will pick up old electronics from your home — for a fee.Toby Scott/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Give your TV (back) to Best Buy

Best Buy will take your used electronics. Not just TVs, but old phones, tablets, batteries and even cables. Again, you’ll need to bring the TV to your closest Best Buy, but since it won’t matter if it still works, the amount of care required drops precipitously. You’ll even get Best Buy points, which you can combine with $5 to get $5 worth of candy at checkout.

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Larger TVs will incur a $25 fee, which seems reasonable given it’s taking this huge thing off your hands.

If you’re buying a new TV and having it installed, for $40 it’ll haul away the old one. If you haven’t bought a new TV from Best Buy, it’ll come to your house and take it for $200.

Electronics recycling at Best Buy

A hard-hatted worker takes apart a CRT monitor.
Electronics recycling in action.baranozdemir/Getty Images

Have your TV professionally recycled

Some cities and local jurisdictions offer TV recycling, either drop-off at a recycling center or as part of your regular curbside pickup. Contact your local government to find out details.

There are a number of organizations that will help recycle your electronics, including TVs. Check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s page for more info. MRM Recycling also has a page to help you locate options in your area. 

A number of manufacturers have their own programs, or partner with companies that do. Check out the Electronics Take-Back Coalition page for more info. Keep in mind that just because a manufacturer has a program, it doesn’t mean there will be a drop-off location near you. For example, the closest LG drop-off point to Los Angeles, the second largest city in the US, is over 500 miles away.

If you’re now thinking about all the smaller electronics around your house you could recycle, check out our guide to recycling phones, laptops, batteries and cameras for free.

Piles of clothes and junk with a yard sale sign in front of it all.
Or you could have a yard sale.JulNichols/Getty Images

Sidewalk or garage sale

Depending where you live, you can let your neighbors deal with it. I hesitate even mentioning this one since if you live in an area where people will take stuff on the sidewalk, you probably know it. And if you don’t know, it’s not a great look leaving your trash out on the sidewalk for days or weeks. So your mileage may vary on this one.

A yard or garage sale is another option. Again, easier than hauling it away yourself.

A pyramid of old tube-style CRT televisions on a flat gray background.
Grassetto/Getty Images

Is your TV actually worth anything?

Most people remember what they paid for a TV and assume it’s still worth something years after they bought it. This just isn’t true. TVs have gotten so inexpensive there just isn’t much of a market for used televisions these days, especially if the TV wasn’t that expensive to begin with. 

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While there are some exceptions, here are a few general rules:

It’s probably worth something if:

  • It’s a high-end TV from the last five years or so
  • It’s an OLED TV, except perhaps the earliest models
  • It’s larger than 65 inches
  • It’s a CRT (in very specific situations, see below)

It’s probably not worth much if:

  • It was a budget, or even midrange LCD
  • It’s 10-plus years old
  • It’s a plasma
  • It’s an early smart TV (unless the streaming apps still work)
  • It’s a old tube (CRT) TV

It’s definitely not worth anything if:

  • It’s a rear-projection TV
  • It’s a CRT RPTV (heed this advice: lift with your knees, not your back)
  • It doesn’t have HDMI

What To Do With Old TV

Now, there are exceptions to these rules. You might be able to find a collector for your 500-pound RCA console. Maybe an archeology major is doing a project on early flat-panel TVs and finds your mint Fujitsu a prime candidate for their dissertation. 

TVs with early HDMI versions like 1.4 aren’t useless, but they have fewer uses. They might not play nice with modern streaming devices or game consoles. 

An enthusiastic gamer in front of a CRT TV.

There is a specific situation where a CRT could be worth something. Hardcore retro gamers prefer playing early video game consoles on CRTs, and these are getting harder to find, for obvious reasons. However, they’re not just looking for any CRT, and if you have one of the huge ones from any era, it might be more trouble than it’s worth just getting it out of your house. And forget about shipping one. 

If the CRT has component (red, green, blue, plus two for audio), or even S-Video inputs, that’s promising. If it doesn’t have at least composite (yellow, plus red and white for audio), it’s probably not going to sell for much.

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worpress posts: How To Add Tables In Worpress Posts And Pages Using TablePress Plugin.




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That’s all. It is this easy to create and add tables in your WordPress posts. You don’t have to write a single line of HTML or CSS.

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Have you used Tablepress to add tables in WordPress? Please share your thoughts on the plugin in the comments below.

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How to view pictures and videos on Facebook using free mode

Firstly, you need to make sure you have a Facebook lite installed in your phone, if you don’t have it, just go to google play store to download it.

How to view pictures and videos on Facebook using free mode

After that,open the app and log in to your account, then go out from the app and off your data, go straight to your phone settings and look for the option of “MY APPS”,depending on how your phone put it.

How to view pictures and videos on Facebook using free mode

Open it and scroll down to look for Facebook lite, tap it to open and clear the data of the app, then return back to your home screen and turn your data ON, open the Facebook app, but this time it won’t open, but don’t panic.

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How to view pictures and videos on Facebook using free mode

Go out from the app and refresh your phone, then open the app again, this time the app will open and all pictures will be showing. it will show video but you are not advice to watch Video with it else it will stop working.

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Top 10 Best Android Themes To Check Out In 2023.




Top 10 Best Android Themes To Check Out In 2023.

For some days now, a lot of users have been flooding my email with questions related to Best Android Themes. However, that makes me to take time and lunch deep to the internet to gather information base on users experience and more. on this post i will be sharing with you the Top 10 Best Android Themes To Check Out In 2020.

In no order, below are the Top 10 Best Android Themes To Check Out.

3D Theme For Android

This theme is considered as one of the best themes for android was designed by some talented artists to allow you to customize your device with a wonderful theme, beautiful graphics, amazing icons, and the way you want. This free app works great on your Android device, and this will take your device outlook to a new level. You can download and install the app very easily, on Play Store.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is a great place to start for theming. It comes with some basic theming elements. It can auto-customize the colors of the launcher from the colors on your wallpaper. Additionally, it has a variety of customization options to make everything look pretty much how you want. That includes Android 7.1 style app shortcuts, a quick bar, smart sized icons, and elements from the Google Pixel Launcher. It’s also a rock solid launcher app. You can do all kinds of fun Android themes with this one and a little elbow grease.

Facer And WatchMaker

Wear OS has an extensive theming system. Facer and WatchMaker are probably the pinnacles of that. Both of them allow you to custom make watch faces for your Android device.You can also find thousands of watch faces from other people. You can upload your designs and contribute to that number as well. Facer also supports Gear S2 and S3 devices. Those with Wear OS can use theming apps like these to make their watches look just as awesome as their phones with a little bit of work.

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Launcher New Versions 3D

If your mobile home screen and themes are not satisfying you, then you should switch to the Launcher New Versions 3D app. It’s cool, outstanding, and amazing graphics, icons, and wallpapers will not bore you ever. You can very quickly get adopted with the app and customize your phone the way you want. You will like its amazing features, and this theme will take your phone to a new dimension as it is one of the best themes for android.

Microsoft Launcher For Android

Microsoft launcher is formerly known as Arrow Launcher which can give good performance and make your device easier to use. This launcher has unique features such as your feed has Glance, News, and Timeline sections.

GO Launcher – 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers

Go Launcher is also one of the best android theme to check out on this is so because of it Amazing Features

Go Launcher Features:

  • It Provides 10000+ free mobile themes for android.
  • Update various sorts of HD wallpapers, including beauty, pet and the great landscape from all over the world.
  • Transition Effect: 20+ screen and drawer animation effects.
  • Widget: Weather forecast widget, search widget, switches widget, and 2020 calendar widget.
  • APPs management: Hide and Lock APPs to protect from others.
  • Clean: Boost your device performance.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is yet another best and leading android themes to check out on, It has features like highly customizable, performance driven, home screen. It is the most popular launcher on all Android Versions. It has full Material Design throughout. Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize.

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3D Space Galaxy Launcher For Android

This for those who are fond of space and galaxy. This app will provide themes that will make a 3D look with space and universe. The app has live wallpapers, and icons are designed packs. You can very easily download and install this free theme app for decorating your phone with a lovely look. The holographic look with a blue effect made this app extraordinary. Your phone screen will be furnished with bright, vivid tech with an animated holograph.


There are a variety of wallpaper apps with some really cool stuff. Tapet isn’t one of those apps. Instead, this app randomly generates wallpapers with one of its many patterns. There are nearly 100 patterns to choose from and the colors are 100% customizable. Everything is generated on your device so it also works offline.

C Launcher

C Launcher is a freeware DIY themes application with many futures and customizations, the bundle of inbuilt themes gives fresh look to your phone. Also, improves user experience and device performance, coming to its features:

  • One tap button to save battery, clean up junk files and RAM.
  • Hide installed apps on the device to maintain more privacy.
  • Free wallpapers and icon packs available to download.
  • DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) enables wallpaper, icons and interface customization.


Walli is an above average wallpaper app. It has a bunch of random images and artwork from a bunch of random artists. This is kind of like Etsy but for your wallpapers. You can find a ton of unique stuff here that you generally can’t find anywhere else. Walli also does the right thing by giving its artists some the earnings from the app itself. It rounds out the experience with a usable UI and a neat playlist feature to help you discover new wallpapers. We also like Google Wallpapers, Abstruct, and WallPix for wallpapers as well.

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What do you think about this list? Which one is your favorite? we will like to hear from you on the comment section.

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