What specific rights do workers have under osha

What are 4 rights that workers have under OSHA standards?

Receive workplace safety and health training in a language you understand. … Receive required safety equipment, such as gloves or a harness and lifeline for falls. Be protected from toxic chemicals. Request an OSHA inspection, and speak to the inspector.

What are five of the basic rights of the employee under OSHA?

OSHA protects workers by giving them the right to the following:

  • A safe and healthful workplace. At your workplace, employees shouldn’t have to work around serious hazards. …
  • Complain or request corrections. …
  • Information on injuries and illnesses. …
  • Receive training from employers. …
  • Participate in OSHA inspections.

Which of the following are rights that workers have under OSHA quizlet?

Safe and healthful workplace, know about hazardous chemicals, right to information about injuries and illnesses, complain or request hazard correction, right to training, hazard exposure and medical records, file a complaint with OSHA, right to participate in OSHA inspection, free from retaliation.

What are the worker rights and employer responsibilities under OSHA?

Provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules and regulations issued under the OSH Act. Examine workplace conditions to make sure they conform to applicable OSHA standards. Make sure employees have and use safe tools and equipment and properly maintain this equipment.

What are the 4 workers rights?

Workplace safety

the right to refuse dangerous work and know that you’re protected from reprisal. the right to know about workplace hazards and have access to basic health and safety information. the right to participate in health and safety discussions and health and safety committees.

What rights do workers have?

Employees have a right to: Not be harassed or discriminated against (treated less favorably) because of race, color, religion, relationship (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, disability, age (40 or older) or genetic information (including family medical history).

What are worker responsibilities under OSHA?

Employees shall use safety equipment, personal protective equipment, and other devices and procedures provided or directed by the agency and necessary for their protection. Employees shall have the right to report unsafe and unhealthful working conditions to appropriate officials.

What are some OSHA standards?

Examples of OSHA standards include require- ments to provide fall protection, prevent trenching cave-ins, prevent exposure to some infectious diseases, ensure the safety of workers who enter confined spaces, prevent exposure to such harmful substances as asbestos and lead, put guards on machines, provide respirators or …

What do employers have to provide for employees?

Under the law employers are responsible for health and safety management. … It is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business. Employers must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this.

Which act establishes responsibilities and rights for employers and employees?


Which act establishes responsibilities and rights for employers and employees? Explanation: OSHA establishes training programs, develops mandatory job safety and health standards, and encourages to enforce them.

What are workers responsibilities?

Worker responsibilities

Be alert to hazards. Report them immediately to your supervisor or employer. Follow health and safety work procedures and instructions and act safely in the workplace at all times. Use the protective clothing, devices and equipment provided.

What are employer rights and responsibilities?

the work environment, systems of work, machinery and equipment are safe and properly maintained. information, training, instruction and supervision are provided. adequate workplace facilities are available for workers. any accommodation you provide to your workers is safe.

Who is legally responsible for health and safety at work?


Business owners and employers are legally responsible for health and safety management. This means they need to make sure that employees, and anyone who visits their premises, are protected from anything that may cause harm, and control any risks to injury or health that could arise in the workplace.

What 4 duties does an employee have under the Health and Safety at Work Act?

use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances; provision of information, instruction, training and supervision necessary for the health and safety of employees; maintenance of the place of work, including access and exit, in a safe condition; mental health (including workplace stress); and.

What specific rights do workers have under osha

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