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What is the significance of the ship from delos in the crito


Jan 29, 2024
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Where does Crito propose to smuggle Socrates off to?

the safety of exile

The dialogue takes place in Socrates’ prison cell, where he awaits execution. He is visited before dawn by his old friend Crito, who has made arrangements to smuggle Socrates out of prison to the safety of exile.

What did Socrates dream about in Crito?

Socrates, however, recounts a dream to Crito, which suggests to Socrates that the execution will not happen at least for one more day. “I dreamed that a beautiful and attractive woman in white dress approached me and said “Socrates on the third day you would come to fertile Phthia”.

Why has the execution of Socrates been so delayed?

Socrates’ death was delayed for about a month after his sentence because the annual sacred Athenian shipping mission to Delos, which was done as act of thanksgiving to Apollo for saving the lives of its heroes Theseus and “twice seven” in one of their expeditions to Crete.

What is the point of Socrates analogy with a physical trainer?

Socrates makes an analogy with someone in physical training. He should take seriously only the opinion of his doctor and trainer, who know how he should be training. It brings harm to his body to disobey them and follow the opinions of the many.

What will happen to Socrates when the ship returns from Delos?

Every year, the Athenians send a ship to Delos to celebrate Theseus’ victory over the minotaur in honor of the god Apollo, and during this time, no prisoners may be executed. As a result, Socrates was in prison for a good deal of time before the ship returned and he could be executed.

Is Crito a student of Socrates?

Like many of Plato’s dialogues, the Crito takes its name from Socrates’ primary interlocutor. Crito is a long-time follower of Socrates, and is deeply distraught at the prospect of Socrates’ impending execution.

Why does Socrates turn down crito invitation to sneak away to eat drink etc for a while?

Socrates disagrees with Crito, suggesting that it is a great shame that the public does not have an unlimited capacity for doing harm, since they would then also have an unlimited capacity for doing good.

Who requested Socrates to escape?

However, he is convinced, because of a dream that he experienced that morning, that there will be a delay of one more day. At this point, Crito pleads with Socrates to take his advice and escape from prison.

Who was present when Socrates died?

The dialogue commences with a conversation (57a-59c) between two characters, Echecrates and Phaedo, occurring sometime after Socrates’ death in the Greek city of Phlius. The former asks the latter, who was present on that day, to recount what took place.

What is the Socratic method?

The Socratic Method involves a shared dialogue between teacher and students. The teacher leads by posing thought-provoking questions. Students actively engage by asking questions of their own. The discussion goes back and forth.

How does crito try to convince Socrates?

Crito has bribed the guards and is encouraging Socrates to escape. SOcrates uses moral reasoning and the socratic method to convince crito that socrates would be violating his moral principles if he escaped. So even though socrates believes he is innocent, he reasons that he must remain in prison.

What ancient and unfound civilization was the theme of Plato’s crito?

Plot Synopsis. The setting for Plato’s dialog “Crito” is Socrates’ prison cell in Athens in 399 B.C.E.

Who wrote crito?



Crito (/ˈkraɪtoʊ/ KRY-toh or /ˈkriːtoʊ/ KREE-toh; Ancient Greek: Κρίτων [krítɔːn]) is a dialogue that was written by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

What are the three moral appeals Socrates argues for in the Crito?

(1) One must never do wrong. (2) Therefore, one must never return a wrong for a wrong. (3) As injuring one is the same as doing wrong to him, one must never injure another.

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