What is ic type 7476 and 7474

What is 7474 IC?

7474 IC is a D type Flip-Flop IC with preset, complementary, and clear outputs. the iC is Dual D-Type Positive Edge Triggered Flip Flop and has 2 such circuits in one IC package.

What is the difference between 7476 and 74LS76 IC?

The 7476 is a master—slave J-K and the 74LS76 is a negative edge-triggered J-K flip-flop. … Most flip-flops have other inputs that are asynchronous, meaning they affect the output independent of the clock. Two such inputs are normally labeled preset (PRE) and clear (CLR).

What is the function of IC 7476?

It is used to give the clock pulse to the clock of the second JK flip flop. HIGH to LOW pulse will only affect the IC. Pin 7 is a preset input pin of the second flip flop. It is used to make the output (2Q) of second flip flop HIGH.

What is the IC of JK flip flop?

IC Package: The IC used is MC74HC73A (Dual JK-type flip-flop with RESET). It is a 14 pin package which contains 2 individual JK flip-flop inside.

Which IC is used for SR flip-flop?

The IC used is SN74HC00N (Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Gate). It is a 14 pin package which contains 4 individual NAND gates in it. Below is the pin diagram and the corresponding description of the pins.

How many MS JK flip-flop are there in IC 7476?

7476 IC contains two independent positive pulse triggered J-K flip-flops with complementary outputs.

What is 74LS76 IC?

The 74LS76 is a dual in-line JK flip flop IC. Meaning it has two JK flip flops inside it and each can be used individually based on our application.


The AND gate is a basic digital logic gate that implements logical conjunction (∧) from mathematical logic – it behaves according to the truth table above. A HIGH output (1) results only if all the inputs to the AND gate are HIGH (1). If none or not all inputs to the AND gate are HIGH, LOW output results.

What is NOT gate IC?

NOT Gate Logic Symbol and Boolean Expression s NOT gate IC is an inverter, the output is represented by a “ ͞ “ (bar) symbol over the input. The Boolean expression can be written as Y = X͞. That is, if X is the input and Y is output, then output Y equals to X͞, not X. In other words, when X=0, Y =1 and vice versa.

What is ic7473?

7473 – 7473 Dual JK Flip-Flop with Clear Datasheet Photograph. Two J-K Master/Slave Flip Flops. Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL. Large Operating Voltage Range. Wide Operating Conditions.

What is 74LS74?

74LS74 IC is a member of the 74XXYY IC series. … 74LS74 flip-flop IC utilizes the Schottky TTL circuitry to produce high-speed D-type flip-flops. Each flip-flop has individual clear and set inputs, and also complementary Q and Q`(bar) outputs.

What is the IC number of D flip flop?

There are many different D flip-flop IC’s available in both TTL and CMOS packages with the more common being the 74LS74 which is a Dual D flip-flop IC, which contains two individual D type bistable’s within a single chip enabling single or master-slave toggle flip-flops to be made.

What is a flip-flop IC?

A flip flop IC (integrated circuit) is a semiconductor device used in a flip flop circuit – a type of circuit that has two stable states.

Which IC is dual JK flip flop?

The 74LS73 is a dual in-line JK flip flop IC.

How many pins are there in IC JK flip flop?

Pin Configuration Description

This CD4027 IC has a total of 16 pins. As it is a dual flip flop IC, so it has 2 flip flops. All the pins, their name, and description are mentioned in the table given below. When this pin is LOW, the value of Q will be 1.

What type of IC is 7400?

The first part number in the series, the 7400, is a 14-pin IC containing four two-input NAND gates. Each gate uses two input pins and one output pin, with the remaining two pins being power (+5 V) and ground.

What is flip-flop types?

Flip-flop is a circuit that maintains a state until directed by input to change the state. A basic flip-flop can be constructed using four-NAND or four-NOR gates.

Types of flip-flops:

  • RS Flip Flop.
  • JK Flip Flop.
  • D Flip Flop.
  • T Flip Flop.

What is an SR latch?

The SR latch is a circuit with two cross-coupled NOR gates or two cross-coupled NAND gates with two inputs labelled S (for Set) and R (for Reset) and with two complementary outputs Q and Q’.

What is 74HC08?

The 74HC08 provides provides four independent 2-input AND gates with standard push-pull outputs. The device is designed for operation with a power supply range of 2.0V to 6.0V. The gates perform the Boolean function: BA. Y.

What is the difference between the 7400 series and the 5400 series?

The main difference between the two was the temperature range; 5400-series devices generally operated from -55 to 125C, while the 7400 parts, housed in inexpensive plastic packages, were rated from 0 to 70C.

What is IC 7486?

7486 IC is a member of 74xxx series gate ICs and has the functionality of the EX-OR (Exclusive OR) gate or function. 7486 has 4 EX-OR gates of 2 inputs in 1 package. The internal gates in the ICs are made of Schottky Transistor of low power. Another name of this IC is ‘quadruple 2 inputs EXOR gate’.

Is 74HC08 a CMOS?

High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS

The 74HC08 is identical in pinout to the LS08. The device inputs are compatible with Standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs.

What is the difference between a 74HC08 and a 74HCT08?

For 74HC08: the condition is VI = GND to VCC. For 74HCT08: the condition is VI = GND to VCC − 1.5 V.

Which IC has quad 2-input AND gates?

74HC0874HC08 is a Quad 2-Input AND Gate 14 Pin IC. It provides 4 independent 2-Input AND gate with standard push pull outputs. It utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speed similar to LS-TTL gates with low power consumption of standard CMOS IC’s.

What is ic type 7476 and 7474

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