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What is a sketchy person


Jan 29, 2024
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What’s a shady person?

If someone is acting shady they could be acting dim or dark towards you. Shade in shadows creates distortions in reality just like when a person is shady toward you they distort the truth. Some other words that mean shady are; questionable, vague, dim, shadowy, indistinct, dark, dusky, and shaded.

Does sketchy mean unsafe?

Informal. unreliable or unsafe: That street looks pretty sketchy. disreputable or shady: I’d stay away from him; he’s got a sketchy past.

What are sketchy things?

Something sketchy is incomplete: it includes the major points but lacks detail. If a political candidate avoids going into detail about her political views, you might say her platform is sketchy. A sketch is a quick drawing that doesn’t have a lot of detail.

What is the synonym of sketchy?

adjective. 1’he has only been able to provide the police with sketchy details of the youths’ incomplete, inadequate, limited, patchy, scrappy, bitty, fragmentary, rudimentary. superficial, cursory, perfunctory, slight, scanty, skimpy, meagre, insufficient. vague, imprecise, fuzzy.

Is Sketchy a girl FNF?

Sketchy has been confirmed to be transgender. In the Tiktok’s comments, it is confirmed that Sketchy is MTF (male to female) after the events of the mod in the storyline.

What does it mean when someone calls you fishy?

Fishy usually refers to situations that seem suspect or shady. A guy looking over your shoulder while you use an ATM is fishy. A student looking at her arm for answers during a test is fishy. Anything fishy is suspicious — somebody’s up to something. Definitions of fishy.

What do you call someone who is unreliable?

undependable, irresponsible, untrustworthy.

What is another word for Sus?

piggy, Sus Scrofa, squealer, pig, Shote, boar, hog, wild boar, piglet, grunter, shoat.

What’s a word for drawing attention?

What is another word for draw attention?

draw attention tofloodlight
focus onilluminate
limelightmake conspicuous

What is the root of unreliable?

unreliable (adj.)

1835 (Fanny Kemble), from un- (1) “not” + reliable (adj.).

What is another word for weak person?

Some common synonyms of weak are decrepit, feeble, fragile, frail, and infirm.

How do you deal with an unreliable person?

5 Tips For Dealing With Unreliable People Without Losing Your Cool

  1. Don’t Rely On Them. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. …
  2. Use “I” Statements. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. …
  3. Figure Out What The Problem Is. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. …
  4. Remind Them They Can Say “No” Hannah Burton/Bustle. …
  5. Let Them Know What You Won’t Tolerate It. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle.

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