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What is a groupon local deal


Jan 29, 2024
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What are local deals?

Local Deals enable local businesses to tap into those consumers by sharing discounts and promotions with their local, targeted neighborhoods on Nextdoor. Encourage your neighbors to stop by and discover your business with a deal, coupon, or discount.

What’s the catch with Groupon?

The only catch is the time-limited nature of the Groupon discounts. With some deals, once a deal is announced and posted on the site, it’s relevant for 24 to 72 hours, after which the discount is no longer available.

Can you get scammed on Groupon?

In general, Groupon is safe to use due to the fact that businesses need to partner with the site to post an offering, and if there was any issue, after a handful of people noticed it, any fraudulent offers would be removed immediately. However, sometimes users pay for fraudulent offers posted on the site.

How much does Groupon take for commission?

This point bears repeating: Groupon takes its 50% cut of every single deal sold—not just one—no matter how many you sell. For example, let’s say you normally charge $100 for a private horseback riding lesson. At 50% off your normal rate, you’d be offering your lessons for $50 each to Groupon buyers.

Why are Groupon deals so cheap?

Groupon can offer such steep discounts because it guarantees business owners a minimum return on their investment and the possibility of becoming an overnight sensation. Groupon claims that its service is a win-win for both businesses and consumers, but there are some disadvantages.

Does anyone still use Groupon?

Number of Groupon active customers 2009-2021

As of the second quarter of 2021, the daily deal site Groupon had 24.9 million unique customers who had bought at least one of Groupon’s deals during the trailing 12 months.

Does Groupon charge a membership fee?

For just $4.99 per month, Groupon Select members receive discounts across Groupon, including local services, experiences, travel and goods (plus free shipping)––with discounts automatically applied at checkout (no promo codes to enter) and no savings caps or order minimums.

Can you buy the same Groupon twice?

You can buy multiple Groupon Goods Marketplace items and Local deals in one transaction using our shopping cart feature.

What are problems with the Groupon business model?

Groupon’s business model is the problem, not Mason. Groupon fails because the small businesses offering the discounts end up losing money. Not only will a business have to offer a steep discount for a product or service, but will also have to pay a high commission structure to Groupon, just for listing the deal.

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