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What Happened To Taylor Tomlinson Mom Angela Browning? Details On The Comedian Dad And Parents


Jan 29, 2024
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After announcing that she will be making jokes about deceased mothers, American comedian Taylor Tomlinson is currently trending on social media.

On November 4, 1993, her mother Angela Browning and father Eric Tomlinson welcomed her into the world in Orange County, California. Thousands of people tweet her joke and share it on numerous social media sites thanks to her dark humor, which has taken the internet by storm.

Tomlinson began performing stand-up when her father enrolled her in a class when she was 16 years old. She performed in church basements, coffee shops, and school auditoriums. Her father resigned while Taylor sought a career in comedy.

What Happened To Taylor Tomlinson Mom Angela Browning?

Taylor Tomlinson was eight years old and eating a bagel when she learned that her mother had died of cancer. After her father remarried, she started binge eating out of emotion.

She struggled to accept the death, but she made it through and lived. Do you think I’d still be this successful at my age if my mum were still around?

Tomlinson asks on her most recent special. She is now in heaven, everything worked out, and I’m watching Netflix. In therapy, I did express that.

Tomlinson is also working on a semi-biopic about her life, with a particular emphasis on the effects of the death of her mother.

Meet Taylor Tomlinson Dad Eric: More About Her Parents

Eric Tomlinson, Taylor’s father, gave birth to her. Her comic career is a tribute to her late father. The comedian’s father brought her to a comedy class at the neighborhood church when she was sixteen years old. However, her father resigned as Taylor focused on a career in comedy.

She made the decision to drop out of college and pursue a career as a comedian while he went back to working a regular job.

After straying from clean humor, the 29-year-old began warning her family about the content of her shows before they saw them. Unfortunately, even if they choose to watch it, they couldn’t hold Taylor responsible.

Taylor’s relationship with her father has completely crumbled. She keeps in touch with her siblings and longs to hear from her father. However, her present brand of humour prohibits it.

Taylor Tomlinson Mental Health Update? How is She Tackling Her Mental Problems?

Talking about mental health is not taboo, chuckles Taylor Tomlinson, who refers to it as “just another human trait.” Nevertheless, she opens up about having nightmares, having panic attacks, having suicide thoughts, worrying, and grieving.

As part of her effort to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness, Taylor talks about how her brain feels during panic attacks and shares her experience with therapy.

Taylor Tomlinson disputes the notion that mental health is a taboo subject by characterizing it as “just another human attribute” in a casual manner.

However, she also talks about a part of the show that might have shocked viewers: Taylor claims that she was just just diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Tomlinson was first reluctant to talk about her condition, but she persisted in doing so on the Netflix show.

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