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What does the daughter find in the piano after the mom passes away


Jan 29, 2024
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What happens to the piano at the end of the story two kinds by Amy Tan?

At the end of “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, the piano becomes a very special and symbolic gift. The piano sits unused at Suyuan’s house for many years. On Jing Mei’s thirtieth birthday, her mother offers the piano to her as a gift.

Why does Jing Mei say hurtful things to her mother in their last struggle over piano lessons?

How does Jing-mei feel about her mother’s plans for her? … What does Jing-mei say to hurt her mother in their last struggle over the piano lessons? Jing-mei said that she wished she (Jing-mei) would be deceased like the other babies her mother lost. Identify the story’s central conflict, and tell what causes it.

What role did the piano come to play for the daughter later in life in two kinds?

Jing-mei’s thirtieth birthday gift was the piano. She “saw the offer as a sign of forgiveness, a tremendous burden removed.” The piano represents reconciliation between mother and daughter. Jing-mei took it as a sign of acceptance and she later realized that her mother had never given up on her.

How does Jing Mei feel about her mother’s death?

She had thought she was not sufficiently saddened by her mother’s death, even tried to prolong her sorrow, but now she realizes that as she left many questions unasked during her mother’s life, she will not get answers for them now.

How the daughter changes over the course of the story?

In Amy Tan’s story “Two Kinds,” the daughter, Jing-Mei “June” Woo, changes from a child into a young woman. She reaches adulthood and a deeper understanding of her mother. As a child, June acquiesces to her mother’s belief that in America you can be anything, including a child prodigy.

What does the mother’s gift of the piano reveal about her character at the end of the story?

The gift of the piano is a complex one. Although Jing-mei was never able to become proficient at the piano, she does have a sentimental attachment to it. Her mother wanted her to have it because it was hers. It was a vestige of her childhood.

How were suyuan’s daughters found?

She met Canning Woo in the hospital. The abandoned babies were found by a kindly peasant couple, who raised the girls as their own. … Meanwhile, Suyuan and Canning had returned to try to find the girls, but their attempts proved fruitless. In 1949, they left for America, but Suyuan never abandoned hope.

What are the two kinds of daughters?

The title “Two Kinds” is referred to by Jing-Mei’s mother when she states that there are only two kinds of daughters: “Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!” She gives an example of the kind of daughter that she wants Jing-Mei to be, versus the kind that Jing-Mei is being.

Who is an MEI’s daughter?

Rose Hsu. Rose is the youngest of An-mei and George Hsu’s three daughters. She married Ted Jordan, despite protests from both An-mei and Mrs. Jordan.

What physical feature does Lindo find fault with in her daughter?

Waverly even seems to have inherited the crooked nose that Lindo acquired in an accident; this phenomenon symbolizes the force of legacy between mother and daughter—it transcends mere genetic coding.

How does Ying Ying see herself now?

spectral. Through her narrated flashbacks, we see how she evolved from a free-spirited, proud, talkative girl to a “ghost” with no voice (it involved a no-good, cheating husband). In this transformation, Ying-ying loses herself and loses her identity.

What happened to the girls after suyuan left them?

Suyuan effectively abandoned her twin daughters, and so it’s not surprising that she wanted to keep it a secret. … So, as she left Chungking, Suyuan left her babies by the side of the road with her possessions and an address in the hope that someone would be able to give them a better start in life than she could.

How did Ying-Ying lose herself?

She is caught by a fishing boat. They ask her to point to her boat, and she mistakenly points to a boat where the little girl is safe. Ying-ying feels lost forever. Her rescuers drop her off on shore.

How does Lindo Jong criticize her daughter Waverly?

Her lessons nurture Waverly’s skill at chess, but Waverly comes to resent her mother’s control and seeming claims of ownership over her successes. Eventually, Waverly seems to become ashamed of Lindo and misunderstands her as a critical, controlling, and narrow-minded old woman.

Why did the marriage between Lindo and Tyan Yu end?

Very quickly, Lindo discerned that her future husband, Tyan-yu, was arrogant and spoiled and that her future mother-in-law, Huang Taitai, was cruel and detached. … Tyan-yu fell asleep, and Lindo blew out his end of the tradition-old marriage candle, which was lighted at both ends.

What did Ying-Ying first husband do to her?

Ying-ying’s first husband plunged the knife into the watermelon to make a crass joke about her virginity. Later, the same symbol represents her abortion.

Why is Ying-Ying a ghost?

Ying-ying self-identifies as a ghost following her marriage to Clifford St.Clair, knowing that she must hide her personal beliefs to protect herself in a new country. She silences herself out of fear, and her daughter Lena imagines her as a meek, unopinionated parent.

What was Ying-Ying’s wish?

At that moment, Ying-ying remembers the wish she wanted to tell the Moon Lady: she wished to be found. Ying-ying was unable to be an active mother to Lena because she never had a maternal figure to give her wisdom as a child, and thus built a wall of silence between them.

What does Ying-Ying think of her daughters home and furniture?

What does Ying-ying think of her daughter’s home and furniture? She things they paid too much for a home that is all appearance, no function.

What is Ying-Ying’s spirit animal?

Ying-ying then explains that she was born in the year of the Tiger, and thus has a Tiger’s spirit. A Tiger has a gold side to its spirit, leaping with a fierce heart, and a black side, devious and cunning. She channels the black side of her nature for ten years after her husband leaves her.

What is the moon lady supposed to represent?

Clair: The Moon Lady. The drama in which the Moon Lady is a major character concerns the loss and reclamation of cultural and individual identities.

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