What do you know about 4ft LED shop lights? 

Earlier fluorescent bulbs are used in the commercial areas but they have many drawbacks as they are more power-consuming but now you have options to replace your old more energy-consuming bulbs with long-lasting, less energy-consuming led lights.

Along with it LED lights are designed to throw light downwards to a specific area while fluorescent lamps direct light in all the angles even where not needed.

The demand for LED shop lights is increasing day by day as are the best lighting systems for workshops, garages, shops, and any other commercial areas. They are easily available in the local markets or you can buy them from a reliable internet source as you will easily find 4 led shop light on “www.lepro.com /”.

LED shop lights of Lepro lights 

Lepro lights are very reliable and have high output lights. You will find different types of lights at a reasonable price from “www.lepro.com/” including ceiling, parking lot, solar flood lights, and tube lights. All the products have advanced designs and have the latest LED technology. They offer a 5 years warranty on most of their lighting systems. Another positive point of using Lepro lights is that they are linked with their customers directly not only from the sales channels. 

Different types of LED shop lights

LED Shop lights are divided into many different categories according to the features they have as described below:

  • Retrofit shop lights are just like traditional shop lights because they have fluorescent bulbs and the only difference is that you can easily replace fluorescent bulbs with  LEDs to save your money.
  • Integrated LED Fixtures contain LED and ready-to-use lighting fixtures. These lights do not utilize a high amount of energy and they also have a longer life. They also require very little maintenance as you don’t need to change the bulbs frequently. 
  • Hanging LED shop lights is best to fix in the ceiling. They come with all the accessories including hooks, studs, cables, etc. You will find all the above described LED shop lights on “www.lepro.com/“.
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Features and description of Lepro 4ft LED shop light

LePro 4 ft LED shop lights to have the following features that make them unique and more choose able:

  • They are very easy to install. For instance, if you want to install a 4ft LED shop light you just have to hang the light and then plugin and turn it on and that’s it.
  • They can link with one another as you can link a maximum of 8 pieces of 4 ft led shop lights with end to end.
  • They are energy-saving devices as they contain high-quality LED chips which can reduce the electric bill up to 60%.
  • They have a long lifespan as a 4ft LED shop light can run up to 50,000h.
  • They provide a high level of brightness as a 40-watt shop light can provide 5000k brightness. 


LED shop lights are the best choice for your shops, garages, and workplaces where you want high-level brightness and directed light towards certain points. They have different types and you can choose them according to your needs and preferences. They can be linked together as described in the above article.

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